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Home Gossip Paige Davis reveals why although being married twice, she does not have any children

Paige Davis reveals why although being married twice, she does not have any children

Ashmita Karki Sun Sep, 2016
Paige Davis reveals why although being married twice, she does not have any children

Paige Davis, an American actress, does not have any kids of her own. If you’re thinking that she’s unmarried then you’re incorrect. Davis is a married not once but twice. Despite tying the knot for two times, she has never got the privilege to become a mother. Today we will let you know the reason behind why Davis does not have her own kids.

image: Paige Davis and Patrick Page

Paige Davis's married twice

image: Paige Davis

Davis was married to Greg Benson on 1st May 1994 but divorced on 25th October 2001 due to some mysterious reasons. Patrick Page is Davis’s second husband. They met while traveling with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast’s stage show.

Why Paige Davis does not want to have children?

Honestly, the reason behind someone not having kids should never be a question in the first place as it is the particular person's interest in the first place. It may even hurt the feelings of some people that are not able to become parents despite multiple attempts. Davis, on her blog, said, “Patrick and I decided not to have kids because we didn’t want to.” 

image: Paige Davis

"I will say this: When I was a child I never imagined my life with kids. I didn’t daydream about being a mom. I had fleeting thoughts about it in so much as it’s expected, so I sometimes thought about it as an inevitability. But when I played house as a kid I imagined being married, I imagined having a husband, I imagined cooking dinner, I imagined greeting my husband at the door as he came home; but I never really played with baby dolls. I never pretended that I had a baby or children. I’d play Barbie, but not “Mommy”. I would sooner play teacher, setting up a classroom where I could stand and speak in front of a class (or audience, as I thought). Or I’d pretend I was a writer, setting up a desk with a typewriter, pencil holder, and pad of paper. And here I am living the exact life I imaged in my youth — a wife, a performer, a writer. Isn’t it powerful how we can generate the exact things we picture in our minds?" she continued.


In fact, Davis accepts herself that people come and tell her that having children will change her life and she has even seen it around her. Davis and her husband Page are in a very loving and understanding relationship and thus she does not want a child to enter their life and destroy the love and bond between them. She says, “We are happy where we are”. Davis truly loves her husband. She has never been seen even casually dating any other men except Page, let alone having a boyfriend. Thus, there is no rumor about this couple's divorce as well.

Davis and her husband’s close friends claim that this duo is a wonderful couple. They even emphasize on the fact that Davis and Page would make wonderful parents. But Davis fears that their marriage will not be able to survive parenthood. And she does not want to take the risk.

Paige Davis and Patrick Page's differences in opinion

 But the irony here is that her husband Page thinks just the opposite. He strongly believes that their marriage can survive even after having children, and in fact, their love will grow even stronger. But there are other reasons why Page does not want to have kids. This couple realized their lack of interest in having their own kids during a dinner a few years ago.

image: Davis and Page

However, it’s not fair if we say that Davis dislikes children. The truth is Davis is fond of kids only if they are not her own. In fact, she feels real joy when she is around kids. But she says that having her own child would totally change her perception. Either she will give up everything for her kid or give nothing.

image: Davis with kids during her operation backpack event


She requests all her fans and admirers to not judge her based on this issue. Davis has thought a million times before taking his huge step and decision in her life. She believes that it’s her life and she has the right to choose what’s right for her, and she doesn’t want negative opinions from people.