Jasmine Hemsley and Nick Hopper; The secret Girlfriend-Boyfriend Couple?; Their Love Story

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The beautiful well-known English national Jasmine Hemsley who is an author/chef/entrepreneur is a hot property of the culinary world. She inspired a global audience to shift their perspectives on food and to live a healthy life as a founder of Hemsley+Hemsley, East by West and Southern Sebastien.

This health conscious beauty is quite secretive about her love life and it seems as if Jasmine's love life is in a shade of her professional life. But with millions of Jasmine's fans willing to know her love life, today we will try to bring out her love life to all of her fans. Be with us.

Jasmine Hemsley's Chemistry with Nick Hopper

Though Jasmine Hemsley is seen with her boyfriend Nick Hopper in several of the events, yet the couple became able to stay out of media focus. Yes, you read it right, Jasmine is currently in a relationship with Nick Hopper. You all may be curious to know who Nick Hopper is. Aren't you?

Let's find out.

Gorgeous Jasmine Hemsley with her reported boyfriend Nick Hopper

Gorgeous Jasmine Hemsley with her reported boyfriend Nick Hopper

Source: Tatler

Nick Hopper, 40, is an American photographer and creative director at "Hemsley and Hemsley." Nick Hopper is also the founder of Crozdesk, a website service that makes it easy to rationalize online apps and cloud based services by categories, price, reviews or popularity. As Nick and Jasmine work together at Hemsley and Hemsley, it can be assumed that the professional partnership later turned to be love life relationship. 

Jasmine and Nick live together in a flat in South-East London worth $585,000. Well, the price reflects that the couple loves a luxurious lifestyle. What do you guys think about it?

The couple likes keeping their relationship out of the rumors and tries their best not to fall on the media list because there isn't much news of this couple on the web. May be the couple didn't want their love life to make headlines on social sites. Assumptions is all we can do, your guess is as best as ours at the moment.

Nick Hopper and Jasmine Hemsley sipped glasses of champagne in the bohemian garden at Mathhew Williamson Blakes Hotel

Nick Hopper and Jasmine Hemsley sipped glasses of champagne in the bohemian garden at Matthew Williamson Blakes Hotel

Source: Pinterest

The reported couple is all smiles as they share some lavishing time together. Well, it feels so nice to be with the one you admire the most, isn't it?

And this lovely couple also admires each other on their social accounts, well everyone has their own way of showing love.

Let's have a look at Nick's Instagram post. 

Also, check out Jasmine's Instagram post.

Well the couple is adorable together, isn't it friends? Looks like a couple from heaven, so madly in love with each other. And their Instagram post is enough evidence of Nick's and Jasmine's lovely relationship.

The Other side of Jasmine Hemsley

The former English model is totally a health freak. Jasmine along with her sister Melissa Hemsley runs Hemsley+Hemsley a food industry to aware the people out there on healthy eating behavior and to change their perspective on living a healthy life.

Beautiful Hemsley sisters; Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley with her sister Melissa Hemsley 

Source: Deliciously Ella

Despite their affection for each other, neither of them has made their relationship official yet. And we hope they soon may reveal their relationship to their fans.

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