Two Single-Engine Planes' Pilot Killed After Colliding in California

Updated On 16 May, 2019 Published On

Both pilots of single-engine planes were killed after being collided in midair over Northern California on Wednesday, May 15, the Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed.

The Grumman G-164C Ag Cats crashed near Pleasant Grove community while the pilots of the planes were planting rice seeds with their aircrafts.

These types of single-engine planes are mostly used for agriculture in the area as crop dusters.

A friend of both victims, Tom Beilby, told media, "We gotta have these pilots." Tom added, "They got to keep this farming thing going and that’s what it's all about."

It was initially reported that the crash involved a single plane but when authorities arrived at the scene, they found two aircrafts had collided.

According to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, the two pilots of the planes have been identified as Brian Van Dyke, 62, and Burton Haughley, 58.

Officials are not sure what caused the aircrafts to collide. But an investigation has been made to determine the reason.

As per the report, both pilots grew up around airplanes and they had been flying the aircrafts since their childhoods.

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