Rachel Bilson busy with her baby. Will she maintain her hot body?

Updated On 21 Mar, 2016 Published On

Rachel Bilson is a hot actress of the town now seems busy with her babies. This 34 years old actress as soon as ended her dating with Adam Brody got married. Adam and Rachel were dating for 3 years and they also worked together being co-actors in The O.C. After this her dating started with Hayden Christensen and they met for the very first time at the set of Jumper and got closer with each other. Rachel also made her announcement of engagement in 2008 and they did but this ended in middle of 2010 still but they continued their dating.

Well! Now being the mother of their babies she is totally busy with her household activities. This made her to miss her hot body and image that she has previously kept up in the media and market. The name of her daughter is Briar Rose and she was born in October 29, 2014. Rachel is planning to join fitness centre very soon and get back to her excellent body since her fan followings are also waiting for her dashing come back and make excellent presentation to win the heart of the people again.

Rachel is very positive person and she is very strong in her professional life. Rachel having an excellent height has shared many of her pictures in Instagram made her to think of maintaining her figure. Even some of her friends claimed that she looks fat now and ugly in her shape. This made her to think on the food control as well as balanced diet in eating habit. Rachel is also planning to get a fitness instructor very soon for the body managing tips and control over her unhealthy habits. Even she is planning to change herself as vegetarian very soon. Keep Up Rachel! Waiting for her new presence.