R. Kelly’s Brother Carey Kelly Reveals They Were Sexually Molested By Sister Theresa Kelly

Updated On 10 Jan, 2019 Published On

Following pedophilia and sexual abuse allegations made against R. Kelly, his brother Carey Kelly has revealed more jaw-dropping details about the brother's childhood.

During an appearance on Unwine With Tasha K, Carey revealed that their older sister, Theresa Kelly, sexually molested them for six years when she was left alone with them after their mother, Joanne Kelly, went to work.

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In the steamy tell-all interview, Carey, who is a singer by profession, said Theresa used to punish one brother at a time for some reasons so that he and R. Kelly can stay inside with her.

Carey said that Theresa "just took my head and put it down in her private part. She told me to lick her private part."

As for 'didn't he know what was happening?', he said, "Of course, I didn’t know what I was doing at six years old."

The rapper continued,

She was like, ‘stick your tongue out, stick your tongue out, lick it, lick it, lick it hard, lick it fast.’ And then she started giving me oral sex with her mouth. So she turned around and laid me down and she sat on me. And she took her hand and she grabbed my private part and she put it in.

Here's the full video of the interview, check it out.

When asked if he still talks with his sister, Carey said he hasn’t spoken to Theresa since his mother died two years ago.

He then added that his mother didn't know anything about the abuse because none of the brothers told about the incident to their mother as they were afraid they’d be blamed.

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