Nikki Bella Surprised; Finds Flowers and a Love Letter from John Cena

Updated On 06 Jun, 2018 Published On

Nikki Bella got back to Tampa Bay on Sunday, May 3 to train for the upcoming Royal Rumble night where she is surprised by a bouquet of flowers and a letter from John Cena

On Total Bellas, Nikki is going around the house with her twin sister, Brie Bella and her child when she gets into her dressing room. There, she gets shocked to see a bouquet of red roses and a letter that said 'Nicole'.

Looking at that, Nikki asks,

When did he leave that? When was he here last?

She gets close to the card, picks it up, and starts to read what is written there. The handwritten card said something like,

For me to watch you grow into something so beautiful and amazing...for making me feel a part of all these moments.

Brie asked if it was a sweet card to which Nikki replied with, "THE BEST"

Later, Nikki confesses what it's like to live there without John. She also admits that it's hard to focus on the Rumble event but, that was why she was there, to train. 

She later jiggles with her nephew before getting outside to train for the Royal Rumble night.