NBC's Chris Jansing rumored to have been married and divorced already. Who is her ex-husband?

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Some TV reporters are successful in remaining a mystery even after long decades of exposure in the industry. Even with numerous of audiences as their fans and followers and not to mention the ever prying eyes of the paparazzi and the tabloids, some still manage to live their private life with a secrecy- like that of a superhero or something.

One of such TV personalities is NBC reporter Chris Jansing.  Well, today in this section we are going to talk all about her married life, affairs, and relationship.

Is Chris Jansing Married? What About Her Divorce Rumors

Most of her fans know her as the host of Jansing and Co. Her skills as a journalist has long been acclaimed. Her work as the Senior White House Correspondent for NBC News and several other contributions to her networks has made her a respected veteran in her business.

But it might come as a shock to even some of her fans that she is a married woman. And moreover, this award-winning journalist has already been divorced too.

Want to know who her husband is? Well, the name might not ring any bell because husband Jansing is not a TV celebrity like his wife. Chris Jansing is said to have been married to Robert Jansing, a chemist, who ran an analytical chemistry laboratory previously. It was reported that Robert works as Research Scientist at NYS Department of Health.

Chris Jansing Ex-husband Robert Jansing

Chris Jansing Ex-husband Robert Jansing

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And can you guess when their wedding took place? Believe it or not, it was way back in 1982. It seems secretive doesn’t even begin to describe Chris as a person.

Wife Of Robert Jansing Chris Jansing

Only in 1998, when she moved to NBC, she began using her husband's surname. She explained the reason was that it was easier for viewers to pronounce rather than her maiden surname, Kapostasy.

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She openly stated that she didn’t have any personal reasons to take up her husband’s name other than this. Quite an insensitive way to say it don’t you think? Maybe trivial matters as such led to their divorce.

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We cannot be sure because their divorce has not been confirmed by any reliable source. And although she and her husband divorced, she has continued to use the name "Chris Jansing" professionally.

We found out about her marriage decades later, hope that won’t be the case with her divorce too.