Miley Cyrus had a Inspirational, & NAKED Year - 2015

Updated On 23 Nov, 2017 Published On

The blonde beauty, pop star Miley Cyrus has had an inspirational, as well as a naked year 2015. She has made headline after headline this year, with her inspirational attributes as well as her not-so-inspirational naked pictures.

Firstly, talking about the inspirational aspects of the year, Miley made big strides as an activist on 2015. She started her own foundation, which benefits both homeless youths and the LGBT community. She also called out to the senators and ignorant people who had spoken on criticizing the movement for equality. She also was the initiator of the Instagram campaign which highlighted and supported people who are “gender expansive”. She also opened up about her gender identity in pretty candid interviews and also was on the news after making out with a Victoria’s Secret model after her split with Patrick Schwarzenegger.

As far as her nudity is concerned, Miley has had a successful year in this aspect as well. While the number of times she has portrayed herself nude can be countless, there are some instances which shine out in the matter. She was covered by the Paper Magazine this year in a very naked cover which donned an interview with some naked shots of her. She revealed about being gender fluid in this interview. She also posted a nude selfie of herself just hours before the VMA’s, driving the public into frenzy.

Some other magazines showcased the nudity of Miley Cyrus, as provocative and nude pictures of her were released in both the W magazine as well as the V magazine. The raciest photoshoot of Miley came about this year as the CANDY magazine posted full nude pictures of her in compromising positions and holding controversial things like nightstick and strap-on. This nude pictorial was then followed by a series of provocative shots of herself she posted on Instagram.

Thus, all in all, it can be said that this pop princess has had a racy, nude and an inspirational year.