Marjorie Harvey Gets Real About Her Relationship With Steve Harvey Amid Divorce Rumors

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The rumors of divorce between Marjorie Harvey and her husband Steve Harvey have been circulating for weeks now. And Marjorie finally takes a stand to clear up air about the real status of their relationship.

In a recent conversation with the HollywoodLife at the 11th Annual Ladylike Foundation Women of Excellence Luncheon, Marjorie opened up about her relationship status with Steve and it seems everything is okay between the couple. She said,

We’re good — always, We’re prayed up. Prayer works. We’re covered

Moreover, they even said that they don't care about the outside chatter. She said, 

Oh, see, first off, understand this: When you’re not doing anything, the devil don’t have anything to do with you. But, when he does, when God is doing some amazing things in your life, that’s when people get busy, That’s when the devil has all his little things, doing what they do. But, we’re above that. We’re covered.

Marjorie even took to Instagram on May 4 to address all the buzz about their divorce in a short clip. Check it out here.

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Awww say it ain’t so

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The rumors of their separation broke at the time when the news broke that the Steve Harvey Show will end in June came in the media. Regarding the same, Marjorie states,

If you want to know the truth, it’s a good thing if you ask me! It’s a sign of completion. God has such amazing things in store for us and it’s been a lot of things on the vision board that we haven’t had time to do. It’s next level. 

Addressing the fact that the couple will have more time since the show is said to end, Majorie stated the not much is going to change.  

I’ve learned this with my husband, free time is never really that free! It’s always some other things that are already up the pipe. Now, we just have time to do those.

Steve and Marjorie are married since 2007 for over 11 years. 

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