Man With No Arms Stabbed His Father With Blade Held Between Toes

Updated On 24 Sep, 2019 Published On

A man with no arms, namely Rory O'Connor, stabbed his father, namely Kevin O'Connor, with a scissor blade he held between his toes.

The 23-year-old, who was born without arms, knifed his father at their Cardiff home in Wales last November.

Shortly before the attack, Cardiff Crown Court heard how the two rowed about the weapon. Kevin needed major surgery.

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According to prosecuting lawyer Matthew Roberts, O'Connor began carrying the weapon after being threatened while talking a walk through a nearby forested area.

But, Manchester Evening News reported that his parents expressed were concerned and frustrated about him wielding the weapon.

Matthew said Kevin picked up a vacuum cleaner tube and prodded his son in the chest. Rory then allegedly "struck out" with his foot, accidentally stabbing his father in the stomach.

Kevin said a statement to the court the incident won't stop him from supporting his son, adding that his "greatest concern" was for his son’s wellbeing and safety.

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