Arizona Man Bites off Boyfriend's Ear over Alleged Cheating, Arrested and Charged Aggravated Assault

Updated On 10 Feb, 2019 Published On

A quarrel over alleged cheating led an Arizona man, namely Edward Anthony Lopez Gomez, 25, bite off a piece of his boyfriend Marcos Brito's left ear.

Police arrived at the scene arrested and charged with aggravated assault, Phoenix authorities said this week.

According to FOX 10 Phoenix, the victim told police, the 25-year-old, is suspected of biting Marcos' ear during an altercation which reportedly stemmed from Edward accusing his boyfriend of cheating.

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Marcos told the news station, "I just remember him looking at me in shock, with blood in his mouth, and me just feeling like a faucet was pouring of blood. I just felt it run down my chest."

Citing the police report, Fox 10 reported that the victim reportedly was in the apartment complex's parking lot, holding part of his left ear in his hand.

Police didn't give further details immediately.

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