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Home Gossip 1.83 m Tall Hollywood Actor Dan Harmon's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

1.83 m Tall Hollywood Actor Dan Harmon's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

Blueprince Fri Sep, 2018
1.83 m Tall Hollywood Actor Dan Harmon's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

Many of us might not be aware of the Hollywood actor Dan Harmon, who is responsible for creating the infamous animated sitcom, Rick and Morty. The 1.83 m tall personality, is by profession a writer, producer and a voice-over actor.

Following his multi-faceted profession, Dan Harmon has amassed a sizeable net worth for himself. The article below deals with Dan's net worth and the lifestyle that he has achieved by far.

Dan Harmon's Net Worth: $5 million 

Dan Harmon working in various areas of entertainment which involves acting, producing and podcasting has helped him garner an estimated net worth of $5 million.

CAPTION: Hollywood actor Dan Harmon
SOURCE: Duncan Trussell

Furthermore, there is no information regarding the actor's salary and the earnings of his shows as well.

Dan Harmon's Profession

As mentioned earlier, Dan Harmon is a producer, writer, and a voice-over actor. He is known to produce many comical sitcoms namely Community, Harmontown and HarmonQuest, Rick and Morty, etc.


Dan is the original creator of the sitcom Community, aired on NBC which is based on the experiences of his college life. Harmon worked as an executive producer for the shows' 3 seasons until he was sacked in 2012.

CAPTION: Actors from the cast of Dan Harmon's Community
SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter  

Later in 2013, Dan announced that he would make a comeback in the show as its co-showrunner. The show was canceled by NBC in 2014 after the fifth season, but Yahoo! gave it a green light for its sixth season.

Rick and Morty

During his idle ideas after Community, Dan Harmon formulated an idea for developing his new animated show. Along with his partner Justin Roiland, Dan presented a pilot for Rick and Morty, which was immediately picked by Adult Swim.

CAPTION: Hollywood actor Dan Harmon along with Rick and Morty's co-creator Justin Roiland SOURCE: indie wire

The show was aired on the 2nd of December 2013, and due to its popularity, it was renewed again for it second season run. The show has been renewed again in May 2018 after its end in 2017.  

Dan Harmon's Lifestyle

Dan is currently dating a writer named Cody Heller. He has been married once to Erin McGathy, an American actress. The relationship didn't last long and the couple separated within a year of their marriage.


Harmon has been part of a misbehavioral act, in which he was found guilty of sexually violating a co-worker named Megan Ganz.

In 2018 writer Megan Ganz claimed that she had been sexually victimized by Dan Harmon. The event was followed by Dan apologizing about his wrongdoings to Ganz in his podcasts and was eventually settled when she decided to come in terms with the Hollywood actor.


Dan Harmon was recently forced to delete his Twitter account when a comical video from his past resurfaced again.

YouTube: Dan Harmon's Controversial video

In the video Daryl, Harmon appears with a baby doll prop and is seen trying to rape it. The video was an intentional parody towards Dexter, a crime series. The misinterpretation led to many criticisms from the media.