Heartbreaking Images: Girl mourns in her wedding dress at his fiancé grave on the day they were meant to be married

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What can be the worst thing than losing your dear ones? Isn't it worst feeling to lose fiancé they were supposed to get married?

This was supposed to the happiest weekend for 22 years old Sara Baluch and 24 years old Mohammad Sharifi.

The heartbreaking images of Sara wearing her wedding dress and kneeling at her fiance’s grave three weeks after his death are going viral. Her fiancé was shot dead by the man he was selling an Xbox console to.

Sara CAPTION: Sara Baluch sobs over the grave of her fiance Mohammad Sharifi SOURCE: DailyMail

Sara wore her ivory chiffon wedding dress that she had picked out for her wedding day. She headed to the cemetery where her love of life was kept to lay to rest outside Nashville, Tennessee.

In the pictures, Sara is seen sobbing kneeling in the grass damp. With tears falling down her face, she said:

We were supposed to be together,

I’m so sorry, Mohammad. I’m so sorry. So Sorry.

Sara’s father Masoud and her would-be-father-in-law Mohssen Sharifi joined her on the memorial at Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens located in Nashville.

Sara CAPTION: Sara accompanied by her father Masoud and would-be father-in-law Mohssen Sharifi SOURCE: DailyMail

Back on February 19, Sharifi was shot dead in the parking lot of an apartment complex where he agreed to sell his Xbox One gaming system to buyer D’Marcus White.

They first spoke with each other on Facebook Marketplace. The 20 years old D’Marcus has been charged for Sharifi’s death.

Sharifi’s fiancée Sara was first to arrive at the hospital after his death.

Remembering the tragic moment, Sara said:

'It was like the world was ripped from underneath me. It felt like I was falling and it wasn't stopping. I fainted.