Having dated Megan Abrigo in the past, Daniel Tosh is rumored to have been married to a ballerina

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If you love watching comedy, then I’m sure you know who Daniel Tosh is. However, you might be wondering if cupid has already hit him hard or not? Well, you have your answer right here.

Be ready girls, the man of your dreams who was dating Megan Abrigo is separated from her and is living a single life since 2014. So you may have a healthy chance to get his attention but wait, he just announced that he is married via Twitter. Let's find the reality of his marriage from today's column. Just stay with us.

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Daniel Tosh Past Love Affair With Megan Abrigo And Present Relationship With Ballerina

We are well aware of the fact that Daniel dated Megan Abrigo for a long time. This couple was seen out in public in 2009 when Daniel first time brought his most liked show Tosh.0 to the Tv screens; the show returns to Comedy Central this June in 2017. No other information regarding when and how they met has been made known to the public.

Former boyfriend and wife: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo

Former boyfriend and wife: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo

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He doesn't have any children with Megan, so, they aren't a complete family yet. However, Daniel was once seen talking impolitely to Megan in front of his audience. There were rumors that this was one of the reasons behind their disputes. However, this cute couple broke up in 2014.


WAS DANIEL MARRIE or Ever Became A Husband?

In 2014, Daniel tweeted that he feels blessed being married to a ballerina. But he hasn’t given much information about who his ballerina wife is. Neither has he disclosed how nor when he got married. But, his followers got really happy to hear this news as people‘s doubt of Daniel being gay was cleared then.
Yes, Daniel was rumored to be gay as well. There were few pictures of him with a guy who was alleged to be his boyfriend. At times, his jokes even included him having sexual engagement with his guy friends.



Daniel hasn’t clearly opened up about his sexual preference, though. Nor has he explained about the intimate pictures of him with another guy. Also, he hasn’t opened up clearly about how his mysterious married life is going. Therefore, we can say that he doesn’t have any children yet. If he had, he would have surely shared this amazing news with his fans and admirers.