FOX'S Gillian Turner Defends Obama, Hits Hard On Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Updated On 19 Jul, 2017 Published On

After the recent comment made by Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu against U.S President Barack Obama, accusing him of actively working against Israel at the UN, FOX's reporter Gillian Turner took a stand to defend the US President.

Following the comment from the Israel Prime Minister, Gillian Turner, a Fox News commentator of Jim Jones' Group was invited to speak on the issue. 

Well, Turner, who has been a number of times accused of being anti-Israel fearlessly defended Obama and rejected all the conviction made against him.

Talking about the issue, Turner said, "The Netanyahu administration is so upset with President Obama, that they're sorta willing to say anything."

Moreover, Turner also insisted that "there's millions of Israelis there and around the world that agree with President Obama on this." 

Well, the truth is yet to be revealed, but Gillion's comment on the issue has definitely, left an impact on a number of Israelis that she is against Israel.