Who Is Danny Koker's Wife? Married Life, Children & Death Rumor

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For the lovers of automobile modification, Danny Koker is the first priority. He is famous for his reality TV show Counting Cars. Alongside his escalating career, and his jaw-dropping car collection, the America entrepreneur is also famous for his low-key personal life and marriage with wife Korie Koker.

Well, the owner and operator of the reality series are already married. For years, Koker and his wife Korie Kokker are living a blissful life with their massive net worth. Well, do they have children? Let's get the details of Danny Koker's relationship, family, & kids.

Danny Koker's Married Life: Wife & Relationship

Danny is married to Korie Koker. The husband and wife are pretty happy in their relationship.

Koker, who runs Counting Cars, the third spin-off of Pawn Stars, starring Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Austin Russell, aka Chumlee, is often in talks about his happy married life.

Along with his $13 million net worth, Danny's relationship with his beautiful wife Korie Kokker is the major subject for the media over the years.

Well, until now, the details on his wedding and the information on how they happened to meet are still a secret.

Danny CAPTION: Danny Koker and Korie Koker are married for over 15 years SOURCE: Eceleb

Sources report that the couple is happily married for over 15 years already, and their bonding seems to be getting stronger each day.

For a fact, Danny Koker's wife is the co-owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill. In addition to that, she is also a talent manager at Count's Vamp'd.

Korie CAPTION: Korie Koker, wife of Danny Koker SOURCE: Celeb Tattler

In an interview with Behind The Art in 2014, regarding her work and husband, Mrs. Koker said:

My husband and I have always made great biz partners, and in the case of Vamp’d, he trusts my decision and leaves it all pretty much up to me. He’s there for me when I need advice, but he generally just backs my play.

Many of us might wonder how their relationship is still living at its best despite their busy schedules. Well, it's their trust and understanding to each other.

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Does Danny Koker Share Kids With Wife Korie?

As a matter of fact, in spite of their strong relationships, Danny Koker is yet to share children. He and his wife Korie are not reported to be parents yet.

Also, as of January 2019, no revelation of the couple's plans to have children has surfaced.

Rather, Koker-couple owns a pet cat named Borris, whom he calls his 'boy'.

Hope the further detail on the couple's kids will be out soon.

Rumors of Danny's wife Korie Koker's Death

Between the late 2017 and early 2018, the rumors of Korie Koker's death in a car accident was a major headline on the internet. However, all those murmuring later turned out to be a hoax.

Well, she is alive and is active on Twitter where she has over 4K followers. Meanwhile, Korie's Twitter posts are switched to protected.

Born on August 8, 1965, Korie Koker's age is 53, as of January 2019.

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Danny Koker Short-Bio & Family Background

Koker was born Danny Nicholas Koker, on January 5, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA. His father Danny Koker Sr. (died on February 17, 2008) was reportedly an American singer while his mother Mary Koker's profession is unknown.

At first, Koker was the front man for the Hard Rock Band Count 77 but later transited to automobiles interest due to his relatives' influence as they worked for Ford Motor Company.

Then in the late 1980s, Danny Koker moved to Las Vegas and opened up customization shop, Count’s Kustoms.

His major career sprint came up after he started his own reality TV series Counting Cars, a spin-off of Pawn Stars on August 13, 2012, and he is working there since then.

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Quick Review On Danny Koker

Who is Danny Koker?

Danny Koker is an American entrepreneur and car modification expert. He is famous for reality TV show Counting Cars.

Is Danny Koker married?

Yes, Danny Koker is a married man.

Who is Danny Koker wife?

Danny Koker's wife is Korie Koker.

Does Danny Koker have a son?

No, Danny Koker doesn't have a son, in fact, he is yet to share kids.

How much is Danny Koker net worth?

Koker's net worth is $13 million as of January 2019.

Is Korie Koker dead?

No, Danny's wife Korie Koker is not dead. The rumors of her death turned out to be a hoax.

What is Danny Koker's age?

Born on January 5, 1964, Danny Koker's age is 55 as of January 31, 2019.