Bella Thorne chooses happiness over health as she ignores skin doctor's food advice to be 'happy'

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'Scream Queens' actress Bella Thorne, who has been suffering from acne outburst time and again, has revealed that she declined to take her skin specialist's recommendation about what foods to consume in order to be healthy, on the grounds that she wanted to be happy over being 'healthy but miserable'

The South Florida star opened up about her fight with skin break out, yet in another meeting with Galore magazine, The Duff star concedes she has overlooked skin specialists who advised her to confine her eating routine to help with her acne.

"My skin doctor told me, 'You need to cut out this, this, this, this.' I’m like, 'Shut up! No, I don’t'. I said, 'You just want to make me miserable and dependent on you, and I’m not going to because I’ll eat whatever I want'." said the 18-year-old actress.

I eat anything spicy, greasy, fried, with carbs, literally, everything.

- Bella Thorne

Actually, the 'Blended' star doesn't abstain from food by any stretch of the imagination, which spectators may discover hard to accept as she has an unbelievably thin figure, however, Bella demands she compensates for her nourishment admission with a strict activity administration.


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"I work out every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I only really work out my core, abs, and legs, and butt is included in that. I don’t really work out my chest or shoulders all that often because I personally don’t love that look. But what’s really good is jumping squats - really good." she said.

However,  she also revealed that she does as much as she can to protect her skin from the sunlight and thus doesn't stay out in the sun for long.


Shake It Up was a show all about dancing but when Bella auditioned, she had actually never been in a real dance class. She got the part and then immediately when into a six-month training program! She really perfected those moves in class, huh?

Bella flaunts the consequences of her diligent work in a going with a photoshoot, wearing a small orange halterneck swimming outfit in one shot before exchanging into gold one-piece for another photo on the shoreline. 

Bella's next movie 'Boo! A Madea Halloween' will be released on October 21, 2016.