All About Watkin Tudor Jones and His Wife Yolandi Visser: Their Love Life And Children

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Watkin Tudor Jones, professionally known as Ninja, is a rap-raver and record producer born in South Africa. He is currently in a relationship with Anri du Toit, professionally known as YoLandi Visser. Like Ninja, Viser is also a rapper and is best known as the member of rave-rap group Die Antwoord. The couple has been dating for some time now and also have a child together. 

Born on 26th September 1974, Ninja is currently 43-years-old and is recognized as a member of group Die Antwoord featuring his girlfriend and another member DJ Hi-Tek. Apart from the group, he has also been a part of Max Normal and The Constructus Corporation.

Watkin Tudor Jones with girlfriend Yolandi Visser

Watkin Tudor Jones with girlfriend Yolandi Visser

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Here, we are going to share some `information about the rapper's relationship with girlfriend Yo-Landi Visser, their children, and his past affairs. 

Watkin Tudor Jones' relationship with Yo-Landi Visser. Know more about their children

Watkin is currently in a relationship with Yo-Landi Visser. The exact information about when they met or when they started dating is unknown. But according to sources, they were good friends during their adulthood which soon advanced to a romantic relationship in 2006. 

Even though the couple is open about their relationship and affair, the pair prefers to keep things that happen between them among themselves. 

They have a daughter together named Sixteen Jones whose information about the date of birth and age have not been revealed. But she is all grown up and is even a member of a band called The Boy With the Rainbow Face


Watkin Tudor Jones with girlfriend Yolandi Visser and newly born daughter Sixteen

Watkin Tudor Jones with girlfriend Yolandi Visser and newly born daughter Sixteen

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Moreover, even though they are parents, the couple is always open that they were not ready to have a child at the point. Ninja even posted a video sharing that their daughter Sixteen was just an accident even though he did not mean it in a bad way. 

Apart from their biological daughter, they also have another child named Tokkie whom Visser adopted back in 2010. Tokkie was just nine when she decided to take care of the child belonging to a rough neighborhood during weekends. But the weekends soon changed to fulltime, and she adopted him with all her heart.  

Despite their open affair, the couple is also rumored to not being in a relationship even though they display it to the public. 


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They are neither married nor engaged at the moment. But as a fan posted on Reddit, the rapper claimed that he was married to another woman and not with Visser. Nonetheless, they have been together past 12 years which is amazing for couples of the current generation. 

Watkin Tudor Jones' past affairs. 

Apart from openly speaking about his relationship with current girlfriend Yo-Landi Visser, Ninja is a very private person. He prefers not to share details about his personal life with the public.

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Because of this nature, there are no details about the rapper's past relationships and affairs.