Alex Rodriguez Responds to Engagement Pressure in Jennifer Lopez's New Song 'El Anillo'

Updated On 11 May, 2018 Published On

Alex Rodriguez is not giving any hints on the topic if his engagement with Jennifer Lopez is near future.

During his guest appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, May 10, the 42-year-old the former New York Yankees player discussed his initial reaction on listing to his girlfriend's new song El Anillo, which means The Ring in English. He also gushed on the topic whether a proposal might be down the line.

Prior to the released of Jennifer's single, the 48-year-old invited his boyfriend to her studio to get a sneak peek.

After reading the lyrics, the baseball player said, "'Babe, it sounds like they're talking about us.'"Of course, with lyrics like "home run with three on base," Jennifer was indeed referencing her man.

He said,

I knew it was going to be a smash the first time I heard it,

When Alex was asked by host Jimmy Fallon if he was thinking about a proposal, he replied,

I will say this: When it happens, Jimmy, you'll be the first to know.

The songstress also talked about the engagement possibility during her guest appearance on the earlier this week.

When discussing the song's meaning with the late-night host, she teased, "No pressure."

She said,

The song is definitely about that. It is. But I felt like it was kind of like something that all women kind of get to a point where they say, ‘OK, what's up?' It's like we're good. Everything's great. What's going on?

Jennifer suggested she doesn't need much time to know if her man is the right one.

With a laugh, seeming to poke fun at her prior three marriages, she said,

I feel like you know after—fairly quickly. The rest is just you being scared and whatever. But don't go by me. I've made tons of mistakes,

However, during an earlier interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music's Beats 1, Jennifer said that she's in no hurry to get married.

She said ay the time,

I'm not trying to rush into anything. I've done that before, to no avail. I'm a little bit more grown up now and I like to let things take their natural course. We are really kind of good for each other and are really having the best time and our kids love each other.

The couple has been dating since the beginning of 2017.