11 Soldiers Killed During an Attack in Mali, South Africa

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Several gunmen landed a surprise attack on a Malian army base at dawn on Sunday, which killed at least 11 soldiers and burned the camp in west-central Mali, according to the report by the army.

The unidentified group of armed militants attacked the army base in Guire district around 5 a.m. (local time) after approaching in a fleet of 11 vehicles, informed Niame Keita, a local lawmaker.

He said,

They burnt the camp and took equipment, 

In a statement given the Ministry of Defense, they confirmed the attack.

They reported 11 dead soldiers and others were wounded.


CAPTION: 11 Soldiers Killed in an Attack in Mali, South Africa

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Prior to this statement, Keita had reported 12 dead soldiers.

In March, a news reporter from Al Qaeda said it was behind a similar attack on an army base in the Mopti region, which killed 16 army officials.

Increasing violence led to the resignation of the complete Malian government last week.

The nation has been an uproar after the genocide in March, which laid to rest 157 villagers.

An ethnic vigilante group has been reported to be behind the terrorizing attack.

Both neighboring countries Mali and Burkina Faso have been regularly tormented by Islamist militants who are seeking to extend their Islamic influence over the Sahel.