Pablo Escobar's wife Maria Victoria Henao's Net Worth: How's Her & Her Children's Life At Present?

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    Maria Victoria Henao is the wife of the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Pablo was also known as The King of Cocaine. The Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist Pablo got married to his wife Maria, when she was just 15, in March 1976. He also welcomed two children, a son and a daughter with her. Pablo started his crime-business with street theft and kidnapping, and later in the 1980s got indulged in cocaine dealing becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world.

    Despite Pablo's criminal activities, Maria fully supported him. Along with being a wife, she was also his business advisor. The couple during the height of Pablo Escobar's smuggling business had a joint net worth of $30 billion. However, the property and income figure changed completely after the death of Pablo on December 2, 1993.He was reportedly shot to death.

    Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao

    Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao

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    So, how much is the current net worth of Maria Victoria? Let's know the details of the incomes, property, and net worth of Maria Victoria.

    Net Worth of Pablo Escobar's wife, Maria Victoria Henao

    Pablo's evil deeds brought problems and disasters as a bonus in his life. The same thing happened with the vast property earned by Pablo with his drug dealings. Maria completely depended on the income of her husband which was $21.9 billion a year. However, the whole scenario was deserted after Pablo's death, leaving the family broken.

    Soon after his death, the property of Pablo and his money was seized by the Columbian government. And at present, the details of Pablo's wife's net worth is unexposed as she has been low profile in the media. But, we do have information on how wealthy Maria and Pablo were at some point in their life. 

    Pablo's earnings before involving in drug dealing

    In the early 1970s, before taking his hands on drug mafia, Pablo Escobar acted as a thief and bodyguard, allegedly earning around the US $100,000 by kidnapping and holding a Medellín executive for ransom. By the time, Pablo was 22; he made COL $1 million after he started working for Alvaro Prieto as a contraband smuggler.


    Pablo Escobar

     Pablo Escobar

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    When he turned 26, he was noted to have a bank balance of COL $100 million which is equivalent to USD 3 million. It didn't satisfy him, and he tested his fortune in the cocaine dealing in the beginning 1975. 

    Income from the Drug Smuggling

    In 1975, Pablo started developing his cocaine operation, flying out planes several times, mainly between Colombia and Panama along the smuggling routes into the United States. He had fifteen bigger airplanes, including six helicopters and a Learjet worth $20.8 million.

    But Escobar and several of his men were arrested and found in possession of 18 kg of white paste attempting to return to Medellín with a heavy load from Ecuador in 1976. However, it didn't stop him. Pablo eventually smuggled the cocaine worth $500,000 per flight.

    Pablo Escobar Jailed after caught smuggling Cocaine

    Pablo Escobar jailed after being caught smuggling cocaine

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    Soon, Pablo's drug business rose to new heights after he and Carlos Lehder worked together to develop a new trans-shipment point in the Bahamas, an island called Norman's Cay, to sell the drugs in the US. 
    It is estimated that 70 to 80 tons of cocaine was shipped from Colombia to the United States every month.

    In the mid-1980s, Pablo gained recognization internationally for his drug network. With the increase in power and network, the cocaine king took the 80% stake in cocaine smuggling in the US. His drug cartel (Medellin Cartel) supplied 15 tons cocaines per day earning him $70 million per day and around $26 billion a year.