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Home Gossip Pablo Escobar's Daughter Manuela Escobar's Life At Present, Her Net Worth and Properties

Pablo Escobar's Daughter Manuela Escobar's Life At Present, Her Net Worth and Properties

Kurt Thu Jun, 2018
Pablo Escobar's Daughter Manuela Escobar's Life At Present, Her Net Worth and Properties

You might have heard about the man named Pablo Escobar who was a Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist often referred as "The King of Cocaine” but, you may not have heard about Manuela Escobar, Pablo's only daughter. Pablo loved her daughter very dearly and she was the apple of his eyes and whatever she wished, he provided.

It has been a long time since the death of Pablo Escobar. Since the death of Pablo, how has the life of his family especially his daughter turned out to be. Find out all about Manuela Escobar, who she is? And her life by far?

The Drug Lord And Princess; Life of Manuela

Pablo Escobar rose to power as a drug lord with his monopoly to control the trafficking of cocaine eventually being referred to as the "The King of Cocaine”. Manuela was the daughter of the most notorious and fearsome drug lord known to the world and she was everything to Pablo.

Pablo, who is considered the wealthiest criminal in history, would go to an extent to fulfill every wish that his daughter had. Growing up, Manuela did not have to face any hardships and was showered by anything after the slightest demand. All the luxury and lavishness of the world were in her hands.

CAPTION: Manuela and Her Father Pablo
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But, nothing lasts forever and her days to live like a princess would neither. When Manuela was nine years old, her father was shot and killed by Colombian National Police. With the death of her father, things turned around quickly. The fall of the king brought joy to many in the country except for his own family.

Manuela, her mother María Henao and brother Juan had to escape from Colombia to escape retaliation from people who had issues with her father. The three of them traveled to different places including Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa and Peru before finally taking refuge in Argentina. Manuela began her life in Argentina as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

CAPTION: The Escobar Family
SOURCE: allthatsinteresting

Manuela's new life was going well with her mother gradually finding success as a real estate entrepreneur. But this normal life did not last for long either as her mother's real identity was found out and she was incarcerated for one and half year. The family has stayed out of the spotlight following the release of her mother.

What Is The Net Worth Of Manuela Escobar?

Paulo Escobar is arguably the wealthiest criminal in the history. At the time of death, Paulo was estimated to be worth $30 billion. Being the daughter of a wealthy criminal you would think Manuela would be worth millions in dollars at the very least.

However, the wealth that Paulo had accumulated over the course of his criminal history were all confiscated, some by government and others by his fellow criminal associates.

The death of her father meant that Manuela would not inherit his property or wealth and her net worth is like any average person in the world. Manuela has stayed out of the spotlight for many years now, and there is no way to find out where she is at the moment and how much her actual net worth is.