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Home Gossip Orson Bean' Married Life With Carolyn Maxwell; Also Know Their Past Affairs And Relationships

Orson Bean' Married Life With Carolyn Maxwell; Also Know Their Past Affairs And Relationships

Sabrina Thapa Sun Feb, 2018
Orson Bean' Married Life With Carolyn Maxwell; Also Know Their Past Affairs And Relationships

Born as Dallas Frederick Burrows in Burlington, Vermont, Orson Bean is an actor and a stand-up comedian as well. The 91-year-old American in addition to being an actor is also a writer and producer. The television personality has been married thrice. 

He is currently happily married to wife Alley Mills. But before Alley, Orson was married to wife Carolyn Maxwell. Carolyn married her former husband Orson in 1965 and divorced him in 1981.

The 75-year-old actress Carolyn is best recognized for her character in television shows Tattletales and Les Chien Chaud

The marriage of Orson and Carolyn lasted for 15-years. To know more about how the lovely couple got together and why their marriage fell apart, continue to read below:

Orson Bean married life with Carolyn Maxwell

On October 3, 1965, Orson Bean married his lovely wife, Carolyn Maxwell. They first met in 1964 and dated for a year before tying the knot. Before marrying Carolyn, Bean had already been divorced by his first wife Jacqueline deSibour nicknamed Rain Winslow in 1962.

Orson is the father of four children. His first marriage blessed him with a child named Michele and with Carolyn he has three kids; Max, Susannah, and Ezekiel.

Orson Bean and ex-wife Carolyn maxwell

Orson with his second wife Carolyn Maxwell  source:

At the time of Bean's second marriage, he hasn't had established himself as a prominent actor in the film industry. Soon after the ceremony, the couple moved to Australia, and Bean started getting indulged in extramarital affairs.

This led several disputes to fire up in between the newlywed couple. Bean even enforced the idea of the open relationship to Carolyn about which she was strongly against.

According to BIJOG, while the couple was amid conflicts, it was reported that their son was cursed with black magic which was the reason for the family's return to America. The so-called curse on the child was cured, but the relationship between husband Orson and wife Carolyn remained the same.

Video: Watch this interview Orson Bean

Thus in 1981, Orson and Carolyn got legally separated. The separation had a deep effect on Orson. He went into depression and got addicted to drugs. He got treated with orgone therapy developed by the Austrian-born psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich. He has included the experiences during his therapy in his autobiography Me and the Orgone.

Orson Bean married life with Alley Mills

Having already been divorced twice, Orson Bean is now happily married to wife Alley Mills. Orson married for the third time with Alley on April 18, 1993.

When asked about his marriage with 23-years younger Alley, he told,

I was never going to get involved again. Just when I was the happiest ever, I met Alley.”

The couple got married in the backyard of Bean’s Venice, California, beach house. Bride Alley was wearing an antique wedding dress, and Bean was wearing a dark suit when they exchanged their vows. A total of 50 guests in the ceremony dined on meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Guess! When it comes to romance and love, age is just a number for Bean. According to wife Alley, Bean is old-fashioned but extremely romantic. Hope, the love between Orson and Alley will never die out and they will remain happy together forever.