One of the guest on FOX News alleged another Star Sean Hannity of sexual harassment

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It's been about three days that the biggest news star Bill O'Reilly was let go from the Fox News network. After about three days another frontman from fox is caught in a controversy related to Sexual harassment case. This time show host, Conversational commentator Sean Hannity made it to the list. Why are elite fox members like Sean Hannity, a journalist with big reputation and huge net worth get into sexual harassment allegations one after another? No, one knows.

It looks like the news reporters are in a race to become a news for themselves. Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reily and now Sean Hannity. The list keeps on getting bigger and uglier. If this whole rumor ever comes true, Fox should probably think about changing its whole elite team.

Debbie Schlussel Alleged Sean Hannity of Sexual Harassment

Conversational pundit Debbie Schlussel recently claimed Sean Hannity of sexual harassment. According to Schlussel, Sean, A husband to Jill Rhodes and the father of two, passed comments on her pant size and invited Debbie to his hotel room in Detroit where he stayed after they met at a book signing event. She further added, After she rejected the offer by Hannity, she was never called back to Bill's show.  Debbie Schlussel claimed Sean Hannity sexually harassed her  Debbie Schlussel claimed Sean Hannity sexually harassed her The strange thing about the whole harassment controversy is; Sean's wife who is married to him from around 2.5 decades has remained silent on this whole issue. Debbie Schlussel opened up about the incident first-time with Oklahoma-based radio show hosted by Pat Campbell. She on the show said:

This kind of stuff is all over the place at Fox News and anything that has to do with Sean Hannity

She further took Twitter to let people know about the whole thing; here is what she shared on her twitter Account


Here is what Sean said about the whole issue in a radio show

Just like Bill, Sean has completely denied the allegations. He has strongly said that the accusations from Debbie Schlussel is completely baseless and 100% false. He pointed towards Debbie Schlussel and said she has a long history of making provably false statements and is an attention seeker.