Once Upon a Time' Season 7 offers a bit of Remedy for its Viewers

Updated On 09 May, 2018 Published On

This week was all about the latest episode of Once Upon a Time for the show's fans. The American drama series which airs on ABC, debuted 7 years ago in 2011, with new series of episodes released every year.

Unlike the rest of its seasons, its 7th season is something of a reboot. With viewers been puzzling over this season's wonky timeline ever since season 6 ran out of gas, but here's a good news for the fans. The makers have granted a bit of remedy for all that confusion.

May 4, Monday night's episode saw Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) desperately attempting to convince Henry Mills (Jared S. Gilmore) that she is his mum. She reveals Eloise had cursed then, sending them back to the time - which would mean a younger Henry is still living in Storybrooke. Henry was nowhere convinced until he calls younger Henry himself.

The conversation in between Regina and Henry eventually makes younger Henry leave Storybrooke to discover his own destiny - which comes to pass in the premiere of season 7. Hope you haven't missed it!

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The shows executive producer Adam Horowitz spoke to EW, explaining all the confusion. He said,

Where they're sent is essentially where season 7 began. They were actually sent back in time to that period, in the real world, before Henry graduated, and before he left.