Olivia Munn and her Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers Splits after 3 years of Relationship

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The NFL football player Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn was one of the pairs on which we counted on. Sadly, the pair has called it quits by ending their 3-year-long relationship just when we thought that they were all set to take their relationship to next level. They surely did take their love affair to another level but rather downwards.

So what went wrong between the good looking pair’s relationship? Why did they split? Let’s find out.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn engagement rumor

The 36-year-old actress and the Green Bay Packers quarterback began dating in 2014. The pair were even rumored of being engaged after Munn was spotted with a huge emerald ring on her wedding finger. However, Munn later clarified to Entertainment Tonight that she wasn’t engaged but she wore it on her left hand because her right hand, where she generally wears the ring, was swollen due to over-eating salty foods.

Image: Aaron Rodgers with ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn

Image: Aaron Rodgers with ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn

Source: US magazine

Aaron Rodgers family's controversy with Olivia Munn

Reports claimed that Rodgers family disliked his relationship with Munn as they weren’t quite fond of the actress. Sources also said that Rodgers didn’t talk to his family for two years because of the disputes that occurred due to his relationship.

However, there were a lot of confusion related to Munn and Rodger’s family matters. While Rodgers says that his family stopped talking to him because of Munn, his family says that Rodgers is the one who stopped talking.

US Weekly reported that a sourced blamed Rodgers for pulling himself away from his family as he makes his own decision most of the time.

Is Olivia Munn to be blamed for Aaron Rodgers' family feud?

When the pair’s false engagement rumors hit the market, reports also claimed that Munn was quite sad for not being proposed by Rodgers despite being together for so many years.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn split

All the controversies and confusion has finally ended as the pair aren’t together anymore. People magazine reported that a close source gave the news about Munn and Rodgers’ split. The source further said:

'They remain close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward.' 

Image: Aaron Rodgers with ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn

Image: Aaron Rodgers with ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn

Source: Brit

Neither Munn nor Rodgers has spoken anything regarding their split which makes it unclear about the reason behind their breakup. As we all know that everything happens for a reason, we hope there’s someone else made for Munn and Rodgers with whom they’ll find enough love to get married and start a family. Let’s be hopeful.