Oliver Pocher Ex-Wife Alessandra Meyer Wolden became Parent for Third Time, but have Five Children

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A beautiful German model and jewelry designer, Alessandra Meyer-Wolden was a participant in the ninth season of RTL dance show Let's Dance. She usually comes in the highlight for her unsuccessful relationships and for being in and out in a relationship.

Alessandra is a daughter of Axel Meyer-Wolden who was a late tennis manager of legend tennis player Boris Becker. Meyer-Wolden have a successful modeling career, but she fails to manage her married life. Sad, but you heard it right! The German model is already married, not for once but twice.

Let's go a little deeper into the story!

Alessandra Meyer Wolden's unsuccessful relationship

When you turn out the page from the book of the 34-year-old model, Meyer-Wolden, she is one of the celebrities who suffered from her past relationships. The hot and sexy diva is now a mother of five, but are their father? Who are the people with whom Meyer-Wolden shared her private moments? Let's unveil.

Meyer Weldon Marriage with Oliver Pocher; Their Children

Meyer Weldon married for three years with German standup comedian, Oliver Pocher. Pocher is popularly known for his weekly comedy show, Rent a Pocher. The couple dated each other for two years before they tied a knot in 2010.

Stand-Up comedian Oliver Pocher and his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wolden

Stand-Up comedian Oliver Pocher and his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wolden

Source: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

The couple stayed together for nearly four years but sadly got divorced in April 2013. The pair became a parent of three children, twin sons, and a daughter during their relationship.

German actor Oliver Pocher and model Alessandra Meyer WoldenGerman actor Oliver Pocher and model Alessandra Meyer-Wolden


The couple were happily married and even were dating before marriage but the hot couple's sudden divorce announcement shocked whole high profile celebrities. After the divorce, the jewelry designer moved to Miami with her children and Pocher went another way.

The German entertainers were now the questionable figure for their fans who were wondering what might be the reason behind their divorce?

Well, if we turn to the page of Oliver Pocher's life then he is found surrounded by many critics and scandals.

Oliver Pocher's criticism and scandals.


Morgen um 20:15 nochmal "5 gegen Jauch" auf RTL und dann wird 2017 mit offenen Armen empfangen!!

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Pocher, 39, is highly criticized for his jokes at the expense of others. As an example, we can see him during his TV show in 2009,  “Schmidt & Pocher“, he spoofed the Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who is portrayed by Tom Cruise in “Operation Walküre“.

Check Video: Rent a Pocher by Oliver Pocher:

And moreover, who wants to forget? Pocher's bold jokes while interviewing with Mirjam Wechselbraun with Kim Kardashian at the Vienna Ball in 2014. The entertainer joked that he was only going to dance when 'N****** in Vienna' was played.

There are several statements that Pocher has made, which garnered negative highlight in the media. Could this have led to the couple's divorce? Doesn't look likely.


Alessandra relationship with Boris Becker

Well, this was the second time that the hot diva got hurt. She was previously in a relationship with the tennis legend, Boris Becker. Alessandra's father was coach of Becker and the 16-years younger Alessandra fell in love with Boris.

The lovebirds were engaged back in 2008 when Boris proposed Alessandra 'Sandy' Meyer-Wolden then 24, during a holiday in Sardinia over the weekend.

Tennis Player Boris Becker with his fiancee Sandy Meyer-Wolden

Tennis Player Boris Becker with his fiancee Sandy Meyer-Wolden

Source: gala de

The couples were flying high with their love and engagement despite their age differences. The sexy model then said after her engagement:

"I am unbelievably happy and in love." 

The couple's relationship was going fine, but within the three months of their engagement, the couple broke up decided to get separated from each other. The reason behind it is unknown.

Alessandra again gave Birth to Twins

Recently in 2017 she again gave birth to twins. She has made open about her pregnancy and child but has kept her mouth shut regarding information about the kid's father. Keeping her kid's father's identity is not a problem to her as she is one happy woman after welcoming her 4th and 5th child to this earth.

The beautiful and gorgeous professional model, after all the misfortunes in her professional life finally now seems to have found peace after the birth of her twins recently.

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