Ohio Man Steals Police Cruiser from Officers Who Helped Him After Drug Overdose

Updated On 11 Feb, 2019 Published On

An Ohio man, namely Jeremy Davis, 25, allegedly stole a police cruiser from officers who had just revived him from a fatal drug overdose.

Columbus police said that the 25-year-old went on the lam after leaving the cruiser in an alley on Friday, February 8.

According to the Fox 28 Columbus report, police officers used Narcan to revive Jeremy. He was barely conscious when they found him in an apartment that belongs to his girlfriend.

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Sgt. Douglas Wilkinson told the news station, "The officers revived the suspect who had a fading pulse and brought him back basically from dying".

The trouble began when police put the man in an ambulance and checked if he had any outstanding warrants.

The station reported that Jeremy then ran out of the ambulance, jumped into a running cruiser and took off.

According to the court records, Jeremy has a long rap sheet including arrests for drug possession and theft.

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