Norwegian Rapper, Vinzy V Relationship Status: Has He Never Dated A Girl? Details On His Love Life

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In 2014, Rapper Vinzy V (also known as Vinz) and his partner Nico’s song, Am I Wrong became an international hit. The song was loved by millions of people worldwide. Following the success, Nico & Vinz never had to turn back. They are producing great music, and we are super thankful to them.

Over the past few years, it is not just Vinz’s songs that have been making people curious, but also his relationship status. Vinz has never been spotted with any woman, which has raised a lot question in his fans’ heads.

Read the full article to find out if Vinz has been single forever or there are some affairs and relationships Vinz has been in the past.

Vinzy V's song 'Am I Wrong': Controversy

The rapper’s Am I Wrong song is about following our guts. However, the song’s lyrics and music video made a lot of people doubt on its actual meaning. Since everyone has supporters and criticizers, the same thing happened to him with his hit song. A few mouths said that the song meant gay in a positive way.

Watch Nico & Vinz song - "Am I Wrong":

Everyone has their views and opinions. Thus, the singers didn’t feel the need to speak on this matter.

Vinzy V talks about his ex-girlfriend and his long distance relationship

The rapper doesn’t really enjoy talking about his personal life. Therefore his social networking profile is also filled with posts related to his works, and promotion videos. He has barely been spotted with any girl. However, Vinz once accepted that he was in a long distance relationship once in the past and it was quite tough.

?Vinzy V

Vinzy V

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In fact, the 'Nico & Vinz' duo also wrote a song named Our Love, dedicated to their girlfriends who were away from them. They portrayed their own experiences through words and music. In an interview, Vinz talked about the song and said:

"We both were [in long-distance relationships] during the process of making the EP. I'm not in one right now. It's definitely challenging because it's all about timezones, all of a sudden you wake up and they're going to bed. It's tough sometimes the travelling and the distance. It's a tough thing.”

Vinz & Nico

Vinz & Nico

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Vinz accepts that it became one of the factors for his breakup as long distance relationship too hard to handle. Well, we agree with that.


London. Biggest show of the tour tonight. Too ready. See you in a few #Listen #EITR

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Since Vinz is constantly dedicated to his work, he barely gets any time to think about dating and girlfriends. This might be the reason why he is still single. However, we are hopeful that the talented artist finds his lady love soon.