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Home Gossip Nikki Ubert married her husband Eddie Cahill in 2009. Know about their married life

Nikki Ubert married her husband Eddie Cahill in 2009. Know about their married life

Jharna Prasai Fri Dec, 2016
Nikki Ubert married her husband Eddie Cahill in 2009. Know about their married life

Nikki Uberti,  a makeup artist, and a former model is the wife of the famous American actor Edmund Patrick Cahill (Eddie). The 38 years old Eddie was born in New York City, United states of America. Eddie has been able to create lots of fans from his excellent performance. 

Nikki and Eddie got married to each other in 2009. Nikki and Eddie has a son together. Before marrying Eddie, Nikki was married to a photographer Terry Richardson. Want to know more about them? We are here for you. Stay with us.

Nikki Uberti and husband Eddie Cahill wedding

Nikki married her husband Eddie on July 12 2009 after dating each other for a long time. Their wedding took place in Los Angeles, the United States at this couple's silver lake home. All of their family and friends were present in the wedding to bless the bride and groom. Later on, again the marriage ceremony was held in Zucca Ristorante.

Caption: Eddie Cahill married his long-term girlfriend Nikki Uberti. Nikki and Eddie look adorable with each other.


Nikki Uberti and husband Eddie Cahill married life and children

Nikki and Eddie got married 7 years ago and are still living a happy married life together. Both Nikki and Eddie have managed to give time towards family and always have been supportive of each other. 

Caption: Pregnant Nikki and husband Eddie


On the same year of their wedding, they welcomed a baby boy. Both of them are great parents and love their child a lot. Nikki has said that she wants to have more children with her husband Eddie. Apart from being good parents, they are also responsible citizens of the country and they constantly donate few of their income in the charitable trust.

Nikki Uberti ex-husband, photographer Terry Richardson

Eddie is not the first husband of Nikki. Her first husband is Terry Richardson who is a famous American photographer. Nikki was married to Terry in 1996 and the couple do not have any children together. Their marriage lasted for only three years and were eventually divorced in 1999.

Terry was followed by a lot of controversies. Terry was blamed to be involved in sexual misconduct when some of the models Terry has worked with complained about his inappropriate sexual behaviour. We don't know the actual reason of their divorce but maybe that's the reason behind it. However, to our amazement, Terry has always said that he was very respectful towards every woman. Terry is now married to Alexandra Bolotow and has two sons.

Caption: Terry Richardson, ex-husband of Nikki Uberti.


Let past be the past, Nikki's married life with Terry couldn't last forever however, she has managed to keep her married life with Eddie very fresh until now. We hope this couple manages to continue their relationship to the same extent.

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