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Home News Nikki Haley States Trump's Unpredictability As The "Helping Hand" To Win International Sanctions

Nikki Haley States Trump's Unpredictability As The "Helping Hand" To Win International Sanctions

Eden Wed May, 2018
Nikki Haley States Trump's Unpredictability As The

The American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley stated in her student's address at the University of Houston that the current US President Donald Trump's unpredictability helped her get the international sanctions. 

During the addressing to a broad audience at the University, Nikki told them that she would always use the unpredictability of the President to help her get the sanctions. She used several remarks confusing the International authorities to offer her the sanctions and permissions she needed for her country. 

CAPTION: Nikki Haley
SOURCE: Wikipedia

She recalled her conversation with the South Asian Countries and stated that she told the envoys that she had to cut off the North Korean laborers. She also added that she used the President's unpredictability of using the military and more forceful action in the cut off process. 

The major reason for this type of strategy was because of her plans to slow down the revenue in North Korea. With a thorough talk to the Chinese, she got the sanctions passed from other three countries including China. 

Along with those sanctions, Niki also stated that she pushed Russia out of their way. 

CAPTION: President Trump alongside Nikki Haley
SOURCE: Politico

While looking at the strategy she used, it reminded us of the exact method used by then-President Richard Nixon in the 1970s. During that time, he showed himself as an unstable president to confuse the American Nemesis and win over them during the cold wars. 

During the finale of the address, Haley told the students that the political sides inside the US are not their enemies and not evil, but they are just their opponents. She continued to state that the differences are big and if the US was unable to keep the differences straight, they would have a hard time fetching a message of hope to the world. 

She ended the address stating that she and President Trump had her own ways of communication during the talks of human rights issues at the UN.