Nicole Curtis Pregnant and Expecting Second Child.

Updated On 15 Oct, 2017 Published On

Nicole Curtis is the host and producer of the HGTV show named Rehab Addict. This show, which airs of DIY and HGTV deals with the rehabilitation of existing architecture and features houses from Minnesota, Minneapolis, Detroit as well as Ohio. This star, who recently revealed that she had been a “struggling single mom” now, seems to be expecting another baby. This information comes in light of a cheeky Facebook post she has posted on Facebook back in July.

This HGTV star, which already has a 16 year old son, announced on her first Facebook post that she has decided to be a surrogate of her dog Lucy, and showed off her growing baby bump in the picture. She later added to confirm that she was joking about the matter by adding the line, CLARIFICATION: #sarcasm#otasurrogate. While there have been numerous speculations regarding which her husband is the pregnancy news adds up more mystery to this Rehab Addict Star’s life.

It has been widely believed that Nicole is single and is off the limits in the dating arena. Does that mean that she has a husband? Or is she pregnant with the baby of a boyfriend who she has decided not to reveal to the public? These are the questions being asked about her pregnancy as of lately.

The star learnt about renovating houses, as a child from the garbage business owned by her family. The business taught her how to recycle and reuse things and put them to good use. She has been seen to use these very skills which have been portrayed on her own show Rehab Addict for the past three seasons. It showcases her life as a realtor, investor, homemaker and a mother and it now seems that there will be the addition of a new member who will surely be showcased in the show.