Nicholas Hoult Talks About His Experience Working With Ex Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence on X-Men

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The former couple Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are back together again for the franchise that connected them for the first time, X-Men. Well, they are no more together as a couple but their personal relationship does not seem to have affected their professional responsibility.

Since Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence back together for the upcoming X-Men series, Dark Phoenix. Nicholas recently talked about his experience working with his ex in conversation with Elle.

It's like going back to school after the summer holidays. The reality of [the X-Men franchise] is there are lots of characters, so everyone was together for brief periods, but not every day for four months.

The ex-couple first met in 2011 during the screen test for the superhero flick X-Men: First Class. Their friendship soon turned into a romantic relationship.

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In fact, Lawrence was pretty much open about her relationship with Hoult. In one of her conversation, she even called Hoult as her boyfriend and best friend.

He's my favorite person to be around and makes me laugh harder than anybody, We can eat Cheetos and watch beach volleyball and we turn into two perverted Homer Simpsons, like, ‘Oh, she's got a nice ass.' I never thought we'd have such different opinions on asses.

Despite the initial passion for one another, their relationship soon ended in 2013. However, they did not let their personal matter affect their profession and collaborated for X-Men: Days of Future Past. And the collaboration turned into a reunion for them.

Talking of this collaboration, Hoult said, 

It's fun because in this business you are away from one another for long periods of time, so when you're on set together it's a brilliant thing, because you actually get to spend time together, Especially with this film, I got to spend time with her.

However, they soon broke up again and Lawrence opened up about the matter in 2014. She said,

I was also in a relationship with somebody for five years and we broke up around the same time I wrapped the movies, Being 24 was this whole year of, ‘Who am I without these movies? Who am I without this man?

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