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Home News NFL's New Policy; Bans Players Kneeling Down During National Anthem

NFL's New Policy; Bans Players Kneeling Down During National Anthem

Eden Fri May, 2018
NFL's New Policy; Bans Players Kneeling Down During National Anthem

The American National Football League has created a new policy that fines and bans players from kneeling down during the national anthem. 

According to the US poll conducted by the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half of the Americans think it is traitorous to kneel down during the national anthem before games. 

The NFL released a statement on Wednesday, May 23 that the teams could be fined if the players resist from standing straight. The new policy also gives a right to the teams to punish or fine the players individually. 

A previous study showed around 42% adults who thought it was appropriate to kneel down when playing the national anthem as a sign of protest. But, a recent study says otherwise. 

The research conducted during the first and second months of this year showed around 53% of American adults who thought that a protest through kneeling is never appropriate. 

The NFL created the new policy after they were contacted by President Donald Trump in regard to the end of protests. 

As a protest to the police brutality and killings of unarmed Afro-Americans, the players had been kneeling down and bowed their heads during the play of the national anthem. The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the news in regard to such protests. 

Goodwell also gave the players a freedom to be inside the locker room while the national anthem played. 

Many have supported the new decision of the NFL but, several rights groups have called the new policy dangerous and 'un-American' as they took to Twitter. 

Following the policy, a sports legal analyst, Exavier Pope stated the new decision to be a big gamble and that the policy will make the sidelines empty during the national anthem. 

The #TakeAKnee moment started somewhat two years ago when the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick waved a protest against racial injustice. Following his protest, he was left unsigned on the roster the following year.