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News anchor Martha MacCallum has no problem with husband Daniel John Gregory

Jharna Prasai Mon Apr, 2016
News anchor Martha MacCallum has no problem with husband  Daniel John Gregory

The 53 years old gorgeous, Martha Bowes MacCallum is a successful American reporter and an anchor for the Fox News Channel. Not only this she is also the highest paid employee of Fox news who will be 'The First 100 Days’ anchor from 9th January 2017. Martha lives happily in New York with her Husband Daniel John Gregory and three children. 

Martha was once rumored to have extra-marital affair and was said to have cheated her husband with her co-anchor Bill Hemmer. However, the truth behind the rumor is totally different. Want to know what's the truth? 

Stick with us, to know more about her married life and divorce rumors. 

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Martha is married to her long-term husband Daniel 

Martha and Daniel who is the President of the Gregory Packaging Foundation started dating each other since 1991 after they met each other through a common friend. After dating each other for a while, the couple decided to tie the knot. The couple married on 22 August 1992.

The couple also likes going out on vacations. Martha's tweet about her vacation with her family,

Martha's wedding took place at the St. Elizabeth’s Church situated in Wycoff, New Jersey. All of the close friends and family were there in the wedding to bless the bride and groom.

Martha and Daniel are blessed with three children

Martha and Daniel have three children together. They became a parent for the first time in her life in 1996 and named her Elizabeth Bowes Gregor. In 1999, the couple welcomed their second child that year and that time it was a son and named him Harry MacCallum Gregory.

Martha and her three children

Martha and her three children

Source: Frostsnow

Again in 2001, Martha gave birth to their second son or third son Edward Reed Gregory. Martha and Daniel live in Summit, New Jersey with their children.

Martha and Daniel divorce rumors

It was rumored that Martha was involved in an extramarital affair and the rumors were raised so much that there was a talk of the couple’s alleged divorce nearing soon. The rumor her extra-marital affairs arise in 2012 when Martha was spotted without her wedding ring.

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Martha's bond with her co-anchor Bill Hemmer was so strong that viewers suspected that the couple was dating each other secretly. However, it is not the truth.

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Martha has no problem with Daniel

Martha MacCallum has recently gone on to state publicly that she has no problem with her husband Daniel John Gregory and the reports of their imminent divorce are actually false. Martha took to social media and has managed to phase out all the rumors that might lead to their divorce.

Twitter description of Martha

Source: Twitter

They are supposedly on a marital paradise according to her and she lives happily with her husband and children in their home. Martha thus has made clear to her fans that she has no problem with her husband and the couple will surely continue to be together for a long time to come.

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