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Home News New Zealand Mosque Shooters Tweet "The Great Replacement" a 16,000-word manifesto; Supports President Donald Trump

New Zealand Mosque Shooters Tweet "The Great Replacement" a 16,000-word manifesto; Supports President Donald Trump

Blueprince Fri Mar, 2019
New Zealand Mosque Shooters Tweet

A fake twitter account claiming to be of the gunman at today's mosque shootout in Christchurch, New Zealand posted The Great Replacement manifesto which has now been deleted.

The terrorist group, who attacked Masjid Al Noor, as said by the President of New Zealand, posted The Great Replacement manifesto containing 16,000 words.


CAPTION: The Great Replacement manifesto

SOURCE: allworldreport


The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory that talks about how the white Catholic French population and the white Christian European people, currently at large, is being replaced by non-European people, especially Middle Eastern, North and Sub-Saharan African populations, via mass migration and demographic growth.

The manifesto is going viral over the internet.

In the declaration, the shooter who claims to be 28 years old Australian, rages against “Islamic invaders” who he believes is “occupying European soil.”

The shooter forwards his support towards President Donald Trump and calls him a "symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."

However, the gunman has made it clear that even though he acknowledges President Trump, he does not believe him to be "a policy maker and a leader."


CAPTION: A tweet referring to the The Great Replacement manifesto tweet

SOURCE: Twitter


The shooter further adds,

the aftershock of my actions will ripple for years to come, driving political and social discourse, creating the atmosphere for fear and change that is required.

The Twitter account stored photos of ammunition journals with names scribbled with a White marker, and also names of the shooters who targeted the mosque-goers and migrants.

The weapon used for assault matches the one in the Twitter and contains the phrase "Here’s your migration compact!," referring to the pact signed by the United States in December.

Other tweets on the account go on and on about Muslim people, white genocide, terrorist attacks, and birthrates.

The shooter seems to be active on other social media sites like 4Chan.