New revelation in Mischa Barton Sex Tape issue in Dr. Phil Show, Blackmailed by her Ex-Jon Zacharias

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Mischa Barton who has been through a lot recently has been in the Sex tape issue from the mid of March. The O.C actress who has been emotionally disturbed from quiet a long time now was recently seen in Dr. Phill's show.

She outed her experience of being held in a Psychiatric hold after developing excessive work habit and sought for mental counseling after being drugged with party drug on her birthday. Barton is recently going through another emotional trauma "A sex tape release".

Mischa Barton on Dr. Phill show, her sex tape was recently released

Mischa Barton on Dr. Phill show

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Again after a week of the GHB incident, Barton Crashed her U-Haul truck into an apartment building while moving out of her apartment and the recent sex tape issue, she is in all sorts of trouble.

Her explicit video footage was leaked recently and her boyfriend has been alleged by Mischa. According to her, the video footage was taken without her knowledge and posted by her Ex-boyfriend Jon Zacharias leaked her picture and is being shopped around.

Mischa Barton

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The case as mentioned earlier is a clear case of revenge pornography which is every aspect is a crime. Recently about two months ago she was caught going to the hospital after taking GHB (The Club Drug) in her 31st birthday party. 

Now that she has outed the name of the culprit, the law enforcement should possibly start investigating on the issues as it has already reached court.


She has hired a professional harassment lawyer Lisa Bloom and will be all in to get his Ex-boyfriend behind the bars if the evidence to point towards Jon Zacharias paddling her tape.