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Home Gossip Net worth and salary of ESPN sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak will make your jaw drop!!

Net worth and salary of ESPN sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak will make your jaw drop!!

Ashmita Karki Tue Aug, 2016
Net worth and salary of ESPN sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak will make your jaw drop!!

American sports anchor and reporter Lindsay Czarniak  has a yearly salary of $1 Million to $1.5 Million. Are you thinking its huge? Wait until you hear her net worth. This talented-yet-gorgeous reporter has a net worth of $3 million.

image: Lindsay Czarnaik




Lindsay is a very hard working woman. She has been very successful in making space in a male predominant occupation. Her career started soon after she graduated. She had to struggle a lot in order to reach where she is today. It was not a one day task. Thus, we can say that Lindsay’s jaw-dropping salary and net worth is not inherited. She deserves each penny of her earning.

image: Lindsay Czarniak posing with a Chevrolet Tahoe


Some sources say that Lindsay earns $500k per year, but she recently signed a multi-year deal with ESPN. Hence, she makes the double of her estimated salary every year, crossing $1million. She is a very strong competitor to her fellow men and women co-worker as she knows what she speaks and she has a vast knowledge of her subject.


image: Anchor Lindsay Czarniak on the set of SportsCenter during coverage of Super Bowl


She started her career as an intern of WUSA in Washington D.C. and later after finishing her college, she worked as a production assistant for CNN. Later, she worked at many channel networks such as WTVJ, WTEV-TV, Speed Channel, etc. In 2005, she covered NBC4 and in 2006, she covered the sports news of Winter Olympics. Besides, she has also covered NASCAR and IRP Busch Race. She also worked as a host and sports desk reporter for NBC Sports coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.


video: Lindsay Czarniak taking an interview

Later, she joined the ESPN as a Sports Center anchor in August 2011. She hosted Sports Nation and NASCAR Now. In January 2015, she appeared as lone anchor of the ET Sports Center. Previously, she appeared on the same show with John Anderson as the co-host.

image: ESPN anchor Lindsay on the set of SportsCenter during the NBA Finals in Cleveland

Lindsay can also be seen making appearances in movies such as ‘Aquarius,’ which is an independent action film, and ‘Ghosts Don’t Exist’. She has also been a pit reporter and studio host for TNT’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series coverage and a former co-host and reporter for the syndicated The George Michael Sports Machine.


There is lot more of Lindsay that we, including her fans, will get. She still has a lot more to overcome and bag some amazing achievements and awards for her immense contribution in the field of sports and news.



image: Lindsay with her husband and son


Talking about the personal life Lindsay Czarniak, she is married to American journalist Craig Melvin and has a son with him. She is not a divorced woman but is expecting her second baby soon.