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Home Gossip Net worth and career of World's oldest Olympic Champion Sandor Tarics. He died at the age of 102

Net worth and career of World's oldest Olympic Champion Sandor Tarics. He died at the age of 102

Ashmita Karki Mon Jan, 2017
Net worth and career of World's oldest Olympic Champion Sandor Tarics. He died at the age of 102

Sandor Tarics was the world’s oldest living Olympic champion until his demise on 21st May 2016. He died at the age of 102. He was one of the members of Hungary’s gold medalist water polo team.

Tarics, who has worked very hard during his career span has an amazing net worth and assets. Let’s find out more.

Sandor Tarics California waterfront house

Tarics, who is not among us at present, owned a beautiful waterfront house is Belvedere, California. The house itself was amazing and the view from Taric’s sweet mansion was breathtaking.

Image: Sandor Tarics

Image: Sandor Tarics


Sandor Tarics GOLD36 car

Tarics lived a very lavish life. Despite the fact that his age was more than 100, he was seen driving his car that had ‘GOLD36’ as its license plate. He often went for swimming and did his brain exercise by solving mathematical problems. Moreover, Tarics also observed Hungary’s sports news.

sandor tarics

Image: Sandor Tarics


Sandor Tarics progressive career

Tarics was a very talented mathematician and worked as an engineer in the past. He did his engineering from the József Nádor University of Technology in Budapest. In 1949, Tarics left Hungary as it was occupied by the Soviet. He came to the United States and got settled in San Francisco. There he worked as a professor at a university.

Sandor Tarics with his waterpolo team members

Image: Sandor Tarics with his water polo team


Tarics gained a lot of popularity after his work in earthquake research got noticed. Moreover, his works on the design of the earthquake-proof building technologies made him gain a lot of fame and wealth. You might be amazed to know that Tarics also worked as the earthquake advisor of the UN’s. He received official honors from both USA and Hungary.

Video: Watch Sandor Tarics' interview

In 1932, Tarics won two gold medals during the 1932 Olympic Games after showing brilliant performance in the water polo match. Tarics revealed that he felt like he was walking into German military boot camp during the Berlin games. During an interview, he said,

“There were swastikas everywhere, and all these uniformed soldiers. And Hitler.”

This is how Tarics was successful in accumulating his net worth. Thus, looking at Tarics’ progressive career, we can know that he worked very hard all his life.

Sandor Tarics love for Olympics

Tarics was a very enthusiastic person. He did not only worked as an engineer but, also progressed in Olympics. He also attended the 2012 London Olympics with full enthusiasm. During that time, Tarics was asked if he would attend the 2016 Rio Games.

He said,

“ We will see, it is hard to plan things so much forward.”

It’s sad the world lost such a beautiful gem.

Sandor Tarics awards and scholarships

In 1941 Tarics was granted a scholarship to spend months in the United States for his research. Similarly, in 1984, he was able to win the Goethals Medal for his immense dedication to earthquakes research. He was also awarded by the University of Technology, Budapest with a golden diploma in 1986.

Image: Sandor Tarics

Image: Sandor Tarics


Sandor Tarics has inspired a lot of is through his dedication and hard work. He has made us believe that anything in this world is possible. What a man he is to be so much down to earth even after so much success.

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