NBC's Natalie Morales And Her Husband Joe Rhodes Rumored to be Getting Divorce, Children in Trouble?

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Natalie Morales is an American journalist, a quite popular one. She is the co-anchor on the popular news show ‘Today’, and the co-host of the third hour of the NBC. Besides, her marriage and love affairs are one of many reasons she is always in the limelight.

The 45-year-old journalist is already married; she is married to Joe Rhodes since 1998. However, the happily married couple often make highlights, all because of the misunderstanding about their marriage. In fact, they have even been rumored to having a divorce. Come let's find out the actual reason.

Ups and Downs of Natalie Morales's married life: Rumors of Divorce

Although being married for almost 18 years, Morales has been creating quite a scandals, all because of her alleged extramarital affairs. Lately, there had been rumors of her divorce from her husband.

American journalist for NBC News; Natalie Morales

American journalist for NBC News; Natalie Morales

Source: NBC News

Morales is married to Joseph Rhodes, the founder of and contemporary Managing Partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC. The ceremony took place in a wedding location of their choice, back in August of 1998.

Morales had once revealed that the chemistry between them was felt by them on their very first affair and it only increased with the subsequent dates.

Further, the birth of their first child in 2004 only made the duo jubilant.

Jornalist Natalie with husband and childrens

Journalist Natalie with husband and children

Source: Daily Entertainment

But turmoil struck the family two years later. In the year 2006, Natalie was rumored to have an affair with co-host, Matt Lauer. If rumors are to be believed, the two of them got involved during the Today show coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics, in Torino, Italy.

Morales’ second baby was supposedly fathered by Lauer.

Host of The Today Show; Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales

Host of The Today Show; Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales

Source: Hollywood Taker 

Though all three, Morales, her husband Rhodes, and alleged boyfriend Lauer have been denying this relationship, the rumors can still be seen surfacing the web from time to time.

However, there are certain wobbly rumors to base an assumption that the relationships are indeed rocky. Not only in the Rhodes-Morales family but also in Matt Lauer's. Lauer’s wife allegedly threatened her husband to file for divorce if he was found favoring his alleged girlfriend Morales.

Video: The Untold Truth Of Natalie Morales

Though none of the parties have officially filed for a divorce, it seems it is inevitable if the families don’t solve their issues soon. At least they should be responsible towards their children and withdraw if any foul play is going on.

Summary of Natalie Morales Marriage, Affairs, Children

Who is Natalie Morales currently to?

Natalie is currently married to husband Joseph Rhodes. The couple got married on 22 August 1998.

Does she have a child with her husband?

With her husband Joe, Natalie has two children. Her first child Josh was born in 2004 via C-section at Hoboken's St. Mary Hospital, while her second child, a son Luke Hudson, was born in 2008.

Did Natalie have an affair with Matt Lauer?

Although Natalie and Matt were spotted together at several events together, and despite all the rumors about the two being in a relationship, they have not officially claimed to be dating. In fact, Natalie has claimed all the allegation to be false.


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