NBC's Hallie Jackson engaged in 2010, Find out her relationship and married life

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Media personality Hallie Jackson is a White House correspondent for NBC News. Jackson is married to husband Doug Hitchner. Jackson’s professional life is known by many but, her personal life is quite under the radar.

Let's find out more about her personal life.

Hallie Jackson married husband Doug Hitchner

Jackson had been in a romantic relationship with Hitchner since the college days. The pair got engaged in May 2010 after a long-term love affair. They exchanged the vows in 2011 in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks Country. It was a formal wedding ceremony which was attended by close friends and family.

Image: Hallie Jackson

Image: Hallie Jackson

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Hallie Jackson mysterious about her husband

Even though Jackson is very active in social networking, her Twitter posts are generally professional and her Instagram accounts include photos that mostly shows off Jackson’s photography skills. We believe that Jackson doesn’t want media attention to shift towards her married life, that’s why she is so low-key about her husband and her married life.

Image: Hallie Jackson and her husband(on the right) and their friends

Image: Hallie Jackson and her husband(on the right) and their friends

Jackson’s relationship with her husband Hitchner is going pretty well as there are not rumors of divorce between the pair.

Hallie Jackson's baby post

On one of Jackson’s Instagram post, she was seen holding a baby, which made a lot of her fans believe that it was her baby. However, she mentioned in her caption that she met the little guy named Will due to her work purpose. But, we surely agree that the two looked really cute together.


Jackson has a cute little dog whom she loves very dearly. She often posts its picture on her Instagram.



What a view. #dawkwalk #rockcreekrockstar

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Hallie Jackson's embarrassing moment

Yardley, Pennsylvania-born Jackson is a John Hopkins University graduate in political science. She worked at various places such as WBOC-TV in Maryland, Salisbury, and Dover before joining NBC news in 2014. She is a traveling reporter at present who even covered the Ted Cruz presidential campaign in the past. 

Video: Hallie Jackson's dripping nose

During her career-span, Jackson had to face a very embarrassing moment. She was talking about Chris Christie backing Donald Trump during a live feed and suddenly a booger started coming out of her nose. However, Jackson didn’t stop the program and continued to talk while it dropped to the floor. Later, she posted a very funny photo on her Twitter.

She showed her online shopping card, which included a tissue that cost $53 and a book name 'Surviving Your Season of Shame'. Even though the whole incident was very embarrassing she rather portrayed it as it was a funny moment.

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