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Home Gossip Nazaneen Ghaffar and BBC reporter Charlie Rose get married as both husband and wife on cloud nine

Nazaneen Ghaffar and BBC reporter Charlie Rose get married as both husband and wife on cloud nine

Rabina Koirala Thu Sep, 2016
Nazaneen Ghaffar and BBC reporter Charlie Rose get married as both husband and wife on cloud nine

Sky News Channel sure did the right thing by hiring Nazaneen Ghaffar for its weather reports. Viewers and audiences must have skyrocketed after Nazaneen made her debut on the screens for Sky News.  And many must have switched to watching Sky news from BBC (where Nazaneen previously hosted).

Image: Nazaneen Ghaffar on the sets of her show in Sky News

31-year-old Nazaneen Ghaffar has a huge fan following. And this young and hot weather newscaster is definitely very alluring. But as of August 2016, Nazaneen ‘Naz” is off limits for anyone except her husband. Yes, you read it right! Nazaneen is married.

Nazaneen is married to Charlie Rose


From her earlier days, while she was working for the BBC network, she not only found new heights and exposure in her career, but she also found the love of her life. Nazaneen met Charlie Rose, her current husband while she was in BBC. While Charlie is still a reporter for the BBC network, Nazaneen used to work as a reporter for the BBC's South East Today program till 2010.

But BBC had already provided her with something that would last a lifetime. Charlie and Nazaneen met and dated for more than 7 years before getting married on August this year.

Image: Nazaneen and Charlie with their colleagues on their wedding day

"It really was such an amazing day and we’re still on cloud nine from it all," Nazaneen gushed in a magazine interview still with that new-bride blush on her face.

To that statement, Charlie Rose added jokingly, "She was looking at the weather for months and did a great job in waving her magic wand."


They seem to be very happy


After getting to know each other, then falling in love, and then stating in love for so long is quite an accomplishment in any relationship. And Charlie and Nazaneen seem to have been sharing the best of themselves in the relationship to make it work. Both of them could be seen overjoyed on their wedding day and the fact that they were together seemed to do the trick for this duo. They were radiant with smiles and hugs from their friends and family on their special day.

Before getting married, Nazaneen shared her affection towards her then future in-laws. She shared pictures of her future mother-in-law and admired her style and beauty.



Nazaneen is going great with her groom as well as her new family. This is bound to make both the families happier.

 Friends, fans, and followers showered them with wishes and greetings for their wedding day and the couple couldn’t contain their happiness themselves.


Looking at this duo, a divorce seems way out of the equation. Rather, it's said that they can't wait to have their children and start a family.