Nathan Kress London Elise Moore

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It has been confirmed that the former iCarly Star Nathan Kress has been married. His wife is none other than London Elise Moore, his girlfriend, who has been openly expressing excitement related to their marriage on social media. His wife is an actress and a stunt woman whose acting credits includes appearing in Oz the Great and the Powerful, Grandma, Into the Storm as well as Insidious. They had been dating for a long time after which Nathan proposed to her on May.

The couple has recently announced their engagement on spring and they officially became husband and wife on the Villa del Sol d’Oro situated in Sierra Madre, California. Attending guests in this extravagant affair were iCarly actors Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy as well as Jerry Tranior. Doug Brochu attended as well. The couple’s marriage also gave rise to a hashtag, #SayYesToTheKress, which helped popularize their union.

Professional child actor Kress has made his name by appearing in several television productions including iCarly as Freddie Benson and on movies like Into the Storm. This versatile personality, who has also directed several films, proposed to his now wife, by using a car he bought in London. The couple used the same car to drive off to their honeymoon.

The marriage, which saw familiar faces and celebrations, had photos strewn all over the internet. The interest in their marriage grew as Moore went on to share photos of their practice wedding and documented their journey into becoming husband and wife. The engagement, which occurred past in May, has blossomed into a union carried out in November. A big load of congratulations to the newly married couple on their union on their happiness. Fans of both Moore and Kress sure hope that unlike other celebrity unions, this marriage is a one that lasts for a lifetime.