MSNBC's Willie Geist and his wife Christina Sharkey Geist happily married as no divorce rumors arise

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He was memorable on first sight.

These are exactly the words of Christina Sharkey Geist, who shared in an interview about how she feels about her husband, Willie Geist and why was there simply no divorce rumours. Seems like it was pretty unforgettable because even after a marriage of 13 years, Willie Geist and her relation is as strong as ever.

William Russell Geist fondly called as Willie is the very famous American television personality who is equally loved in his role of journalist and humorist too. Geist is particularly applauded for his show Morning Joe, Today’s Take and Today's Show. This is also one of the main reason almost half of the female population has a major crush on the man whose age is already in his early forties. Definitely, nothing can stop others from having a fatal attraction on him.

However, Willie Geist is a one woman guy because he has been married to his wife for a pretty long time, and let me take the opportunity to break all your hearts and inform you that Christina Sharkey Geist- the legally wedded wife of Willie Geist - is also his childhood sweetheart. They met on the first day of school in sixth grade.


13 years ago today. Concatedral Dulce Nombre de Jesús. Humacao, Puerto Rico.

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In an interview, Christina had informed the media that Willie was pretty eventful in their first meet and ironically, it was so impactful that after a relationship of 16 years they got married to each other in 2003 in Puerto Rico- Fated as always. This is the height of getting fated by destiny though, because they tried dating other people and got back together. In addition, they split after college only to get proposed in the very place where they first met and finally married - Major envies, but totally aww-droolable.

And even after so long, there seems to be nothing stopping this couple in their romance. The parents of two kids, their love is only increasing day by day- actually every single hour. Even though they have a family of their own, Willie and Christina seem to get an “us” time for both of them and it indeed is the cutest thing to happen after so long.

No wonders with such a happy and peaceful personal life, Willie is rocking his professional career too, being the correspondent for the MSNBC channel, and earning a net worth of $6 million.