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Home Gossip MSNBC's Brian Williams & his wife Jane Stoddard Williams married for 16 years without divorce rumors

MSNBC's Brian Williams & his wife Jane Stoddard Williams married for 16 years without divorce rumors

Ashmita Karki Sun Oct, 2016
MSNBC's Brian Williams & his wife Jane Stoddard Williams married for 16 years without divorce rumors

MSNBC’s chief anchor Brian Williams has been married to gorgeous Jane Stoddard Williams since 1986. This amazing couple’s heart are as matching as their career. They are married for 16 years but still they look like they just met yesterday and fell in love. They are one of those couples who does not like to get involved in any kind of controversy, and that’s why they are doing so well in their marriage without divorce rumors.

Brian Williams married

Brian and Jane met while they both worked for a public affair program named ‘Panorama’. They dated for few years before taking the big step in their relationship. They got married on 7th June 1986. Their auspicious wedding ceremony took place at the first Presbyterian Church of New Cannan, Connecticut. Their wedding took place among close friends and family. Ever since that day, this duo has been in a very healthy and loving relationship.

Image: Brian Williams and Jane Stoddard Williams

Brian Willaims' wife Jane Stoddard Willaims

Brian’s wife Jane is a very talented broadcaster and radio interviewer. She is a Duke University graduate with first class in political science and Russian Language. She is a very supportive wife. Jane is mostly seen active in promoting better education. She has a deep interest in education due to which she is a participant of a board which works for the improvement of schooling for low-income students across the country.

Image: Brian Willaims with his gorgeous wife

Brian Willaim divorce

Brian and Jane seem to be a perfect couple. It has already been 16 years of their togetherness as a husband and wife, but still, they look like young lovers in love. Jane has always been faithful towards her husband as she has never cheated on him. Similarly, Crawford has also never had any kind of extra-marital relationship or a secret girlfriend. Till date, there is no rumor of divorce between this amazing couple.

Brian Willaim children

Brian and Jane have two amazing and talented children together. Their elder daughter Allison is an actress who has appeared in HBO’s Girls. Similarly, they have a son named Douglas, who works for the Yankee Entertainment Network. 

Image: Brian and Jane Williams with their daughter Allison

Brian and Jane Williams do not just look good together, but we truly believe that they are actually made for one another. Not everyone can work out a marriage for 16 years without any issues. However, no one is sure about the future.

Tell us what do you think about Brian Williams and his wife Jane’s relationship? Do you think they will keep hold of their marriage for the foreseeable future? Or do you think they might divorce in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.