Most Common Study Abroad Mistakes & What You Should Do Instead

Updated On 21 Dec, 2018 Published On

If you’re that lucky student who has an opportunity to study abroad, don’t miss it. From traveling to exotic locations to exploring old Europe, there are so many adventures waiting for you. And the truth is that you won’t find a better time in your life to see the world than now in college! You’re already improving your knowledge and learning more about yourself and the world you live in, studying in a foreign country will help you to do this in a better way.

Many students that go discovering the world share their positive experiences, as well as provide a variety of mistakes and how to fix those. Let’s see what one can do to make studying time abroad more enjoyable.

Not Venturing Out of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling on your own can be pretty nerve-wracking. New faces here and there, new places and not much knowledge about what to do next. Many students recommend taking the time to try new things on your own. Without a doubt, doing everything with your best friends is fun, but it’s also nice to venture out of the comfort zone in order to do new things on your own. Visit the local museum, go to see that old movie in the language you hardly speak, enjoy that sandwich in the café you saw some days ago. When doing things like that alone, you get a brand-new appreciation for the place you live in and time to ponder over what is happening in your life now. When the busy day is almost over, your time comes, and you’re free to try new things alone!

Saying NO

Trying new things can be pretty intimidating. For that reason, you may end up saying no because of the fear of leaving your comfort zone. But the reality is that it’s crucial to give yourself the chance to try something unknown and new, even if your inner self says no.

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Partying Hard Day by Day

If your mission is to party from dusk till the dawn, then good for you. Nonetheless, the majority of students prefer studying abroad because they’d like to see and explore new beautiful places and immerse themselves in different cultures. It doesn’t mean you have to cancel all the parties, but ensure you’re not wasting your time in Berlin or Melbourne lying in bed with a terrible hangover instead of rubbing the bronze breast of the Juliet statue in Italy or admiring the world's largest collection of Monets in the Musée Marmottan in Paris.

Not Having a Budgeted Sum of Money

Traveling isn’t cheap, that’s a fact. Being a full-time college or university student doesn’t make it easier, of course. Make certain you bring enough money with you since full pockets will enable you to do more things. What it comes down to is that there will be no second chance to enjoy your abroad experience, which means you have to enjoy it here and now. Being broke means you will have to turn down dozens of happy moments just because of money. Do not be afraid to budget for the things that truly matter for your study abroad experience. You’re having it once, ensure to enjoy it!

Being Afraid of Annoying the Locals

When studying abroad, the majority of students are uncertain about approaching locals with questions because they believe that’s quite irritating. But the reality is that it’s not like that. Unless you start chasing them and shouting something like “English, please?!?” Even if you don’t speak Chinese, Spanish or French, a simple “bonjour” or “hola” is enough to catch their attention. Besides, most people would be happy to help you with the geography thing or recommend a great place with delicious food. Think about it this way: when someone comes to your city and asks you to point in the right direction, you’re definitely willing to help, right? The same rule works abroad as well.

Being a Walking Planner

With proper planning, we get a definite comfort that in turn brings some peace to our routine. You know what is going to happen next and this can save your day in some cases. But the question is – what’s the fun in that? Why not be a bit more spontaneous when you’re having your time abroad? Instead of trying to stick to the plan, you have an opportunity to enjoy the world you get to see. Is there an invitation to take on a surprise trip to Chichester somewhere in the UK? Do you hesitate because you know nothing about one of the smallest cities in the United Kingdom? Stop doing that! No matter how scary that may seem, over-planning shouldn’t be your life credo. Exert every effort to add a spontaneous trip to your collection of memories. You’re going to love every minute of the upcoming adventure. Besides, it’s the spontaneity that usually stands behind the best stories.

No matter where you decide to have your abroad academic experience or who you travel with, it’s essential to have an open heart and positive vibes. Trying new things and breaking out of your comfort zone will help you to discover not only an unknown world but your inner self as well. Do not miss an opportunity to be adventurous and check everything (or almost everything) this beautiful world has to offer. Hopefully, these simple recommendations will turn your travels into the best time of your life!