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Home Gossip Morning Express Robin Meade Rumors of Having Divorce With Tim Yeager. Does She Have a New Boyfriend?

Morning Express Robin Meade Rumors of Having Divorce With Tim Yeager. Does She Have a New Boyfriend?

Blueprince Sat Mar, 2016
Morning Express Robin Meade Rumors of Having Divorce With Tim Yeager. Does She Have a New Boyfriend?

Robin Meade, married to husband Tim Yeager, is known to many as a prominent lead anchor for HLN’s morning show, Morning Express with Robin Meade. Born and raised in Ohio, she went on to develop a deep interest in journalism and after graduating from Malone University, she eventually went on to pursue her career. Robin Meade, age 49, has also been awarded an Emmy.

She has not only been able to grab the attention of her audience through her words but her charm as well. Robin was 1992’s Miss Ohio and was also a semifinalist in the Miss America pageant. During the time, she was not only finding success in her career but her relationship as well. 

The Morning Express presenter has been married to Tim Yeager since 1993,  but recently some rumors have surfaced, which hint on the couple getting a divorce. Are these rumors true? Does Robin Meade have a new boyfriend now? Find out all about her marriage, and relationships.

Who Are Robin Meade and Tim Yeager? Age

Robin Meade is a famous news anchor who hosts the show Morning Express with Robin Meade, along with Jennifer Westhoven and Mike Galanos. Apart from being a renown journalist and a news presenter, Robin Meade, age 49, is also the winner of the Miss Ohio pageant in 1992.

She has been serving the HLN channel network since 2001 and is also a two time Emmy Award winner.

CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager
SOURCE: ecelebrityfacts

The Morning Express' host's husband Tim Yeager, age 49, is a financial secretary and a treasure at UAW Local 2320 in Chicago. He also serves the Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns and has also remained as a member of the Advocacy Center of the Episcopal Church.

Prior to that Tim Yeager worked as an assistant organist for the Grace Church, and also the chief of the Peace and Justice committee.

Robin Meade and Tim Yeager's relationship, Are They Happily Married?

Robin Meade and her boyfriend, Tim Yeager had been dating for a long time. Things seemed to be going just on track. Thus, they got married on 6th November 1993. The couple is one among the few who have been able to save their marriage and even have entered stardom.

She even wrote a few songs for Tim in her album, Count On Me. Robin Meade even revealed that the reason behind their successful marriage is them meeting up on Friday after a very tedious week.

Despite being married for such a long time Tim Yeager and Robin Meade have still not decided on having a child together, which have led the media to believe that things might not be going well with the couple, and they might seek for a divorce.

Robin Meade and Tim Yeager's divorce?

Robin, whose net worth is $4.5 million has a huge salary that can make her attain anything she wants but still has been very loyal to her spouse. However, now there seem to be rumors regarding trouble in the couple's paradise.

There are numerous rumors arising about infidelity and affair. Robin Meade is seen rarely with Tim Yeager. She is mostly focused on her work with the Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Does Robin Meade have a new boyfriend?

The 46 years old Robin Meade is most unlikely to have an affair now but the rumors are very strong. She has not accepted it nor denied that she and Tim are getting a divorce.

And the media keeps pushing the idea of their divorce as they do not seem to be spending so much time together like they used to.

CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager SOURCE: salary and networth

Tim Yeager also seems to be devoted towards his wife Robin Meade and till date, there has been no news of him having an extra-marital affair.

Maybe it's because of their hectic working hours, which has led to the couple seeing less of each other. But this can't be the reason that they might get a divorce.

We wish that Robin Meade and her husband Tim Yeager, settle all their indifferences if any, and save their marital relationship by not seeking a divorce.

More about Robin Meade:

Who is Robin Meade married to?

Robin Meade, the presenter of Morning Express with Robin Meade, is married to Tim Yeager, a financial secretary.

When did Robin Meade and Tim Yeager get married?

The couple (Robin Meade and Tim Yeager) have been married since the 6th of November, 1993.

Do they have any children?

Robin Meade and Tim Yeager have been married for quite a long time, but they still haven't decided on having kids.

What is Robin Meade's husband Tim Yeager's age?

Robin Meade's husband, Tim Yeager was born on the 1st of January, 1970, and is currently 49 years of age.

What is Robin Meade's age?

American journalist Robin's age is 49, as of 2018.