Model Stella Maxwell Dating Girlfriend,Rumored to be Lesbian,Know about her Affairs and Relationship

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Getting attracted to opposite sex is common but if this thing comes to celebrity, then it doesn't remain that simple. If a celebrity opens about her sexuality saying that they attract to the same sex then it becomes of the hottest gossips in the industry.

Today we brought a similar story of an American model Stella Maxwell who is currently sparking a romantic love affair with another star Kristen Stewart. Taking into consideration of your curiosity, we collected all the details regarding the personal life of the stunning model with glamorous looks, Stella Maxwell.

So, without further delay, let's begin. Just stay with us.

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Stella Maxwell currently dating Kristen Stewart

Most of the celebrities try to hide their private life from the eye of the media, especially if it's a matter of their sexual orientation. Similarly, Victoria's Secret model, Stella Maxwell initially hitched to open publicly that she is a lesbian and dating the same sex.

The rumor regarding Stella Maxwell's relationship with Kristen Stewart first surfaced in 2016 when the duo caught strolling together in various places together and they looked like more than friends.

Stella and Kristen walking together in the public

Stella and Kristen spotted walking together

Source: Dailymail

These two lovebirds were even spotted out together at the Met Gala in New York on May.

Stella with her girlfriend Kristen together for the first time on december

Stella and Kristen spotted together on December

Source: Dailymail

Their relationship was just a rumor until Stella Maxwell was caught red-handed with the Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart. Maxwell and Stewart both tried to hide their faces as they left a chemist in Hollywood. Here's that picture, check it out.

Lesbian couple Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart caught red-handed sparking their love affair

Lesbian couple Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart caught red-handed sparking their love affair

Source: dailymail

In addition, earlier this year in January 2017, these beautiful ladies were even seen kissing on the back of a car during their trip to Milan. Don't believe us? Check out for yourself.

Stella and Kristen found kissing each other on the back of car in Milan

Stella and Kristen kissing each other on car

Source: cdn-04.independent

Isn't it enough to prove their relationship? If you still have doubt then here's a video in which you can see them heading towards the Paris CGD airport and they are not ready to leave their hand anyway. Enjoy watching people!!

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Video: Stella Maxwell And Kristen Stewart at Paris CGD airport

Now you convinced right?

It's amazing to see the blooming couple being more inclusive and open to all sorts of relationships. Hats off to both Stella and Kristen! The couple now has become an inspiration to all the other youngsters who are going through the same situation and are hesitant to come out of the closet.

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Lesbian model Stella Maxwell and her girlfriend Kristen Stewart

Lesbian model Stella Maxwell and her girlfriend Kristen Stewart

Source: usmagazine

Both model and actress look as if they are over the moon in love. We wish both of them all the very best for best of their lives.

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