Model Bernice Burgos and Singer Tiny Cottle epic Social Media fight for Rapper T.I. Harris

    Updated On 27 Mar, 2017 Published On

    Allegations of  Model Bernice Burgos and rapper T.I. Harris dating each other that started earlier this month has been finally answered. Yes! they are seeing each other and guess what the singer who was once done with the rapper is again showing interest in her to be divorced husband shows a sudden interest in her husband's personal affair. 

    Tiny  and T.I

    What do we have here on today's diss special? Well, the well-set trend is recently followed by T.I's two girlfriends Tiny and Bernice, Sounds interesting! Here is all the social media war going in between Model Bernice and singer Tiny that has is making headlined explained for you. To Add to the fact, Tiny has added child support alimony and claims over T.I and Tiny's common home as well. She is all into business and wants everything.

    Tiny called Model Bernice Burgos A house Wrecker

    The dissing trend is not new, previously we heard Nicky Minaj and Remi Ma dissing each other with songs and today we have another story which is in trend. Tiny first pulled out the fight by calling Bernice, a pass around B**** by which she means she is the other woman who wrecked her relationship with her engaged husband T.I.


    Though, Tiny was the one who filed a divorce action against Rapper T.I. It looks like she is very much in shock after T.I was linked in an affair with hot model and actress Bernice who also has a long list of boyfriends.

    Lucky guy, TI; after getting out of a relationship with Tiny he finds another Hotty Burgos but he recently should be diss-appointed as his girlfriend and former wife are showing their inside affair to the whole world. The reality star couple recently knocked the court doors for divorce.




    Enough is Enough! Bernice Burgos recently addressed Tiny's ‘Pass Around’ Claims 

    Pass around B***H, is a pretty offensive tag for Burgos, but it was funny that she remained silent till Tiny brought Bernice's age into the conversation. she released series of Snapchat videos from Jim and gave it back to Tiny. 

    I am Not 40 ma! That home was already broken,” And I’ve NEVER dealt with a married man in my life. Technically when a person files for divorce, it’s clear that they are moving on with their lives and their marriage is already failed. Never have I ever been passed around.

    “Ain’t nobody gonna be waiting for p**** and waiting to f**k just because I’m getting separated. That’s not true. Ain’t nobody breaking no happy home. Ain’t no none of that. That’s none of my business. I’m there for him. He’s a boss, and I’m a boss.”

    She clarified that she and T.I are in good terms and a little more than friends but the thing between them started after the former musical couple filed for the divorce.