Mischa Barton Sex Tape issue reached Court Her Lawyer Is determined to find the Sex tape Paddler

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Mischa Barton has been making headlines for more than three months and trouble is following her everywhere. Around two months ago she was caught going to the hospital after taking GHB (The Club Drug) in her 31st birthday party. Again after a week of the GHB incident, she crashed her U-Haul truck into an apartment building while moving out of her apartment and then the sex tape issue started flooding over. 

After going ing through several problematic situations she was reported to be hospitalized by law enforcements for a mental evaluation. The actress recently got the news about her sex tape and this time she did something which proves that she is still strong. She reported the issue to law enforcements and has already hired a lawyer to sue the paddler as well as the person who is behind it.

Mischa Barton Sex Tape may possibly get viral

We here that a lot of porn sites are bidding to buy her explicit video which according to the O.C star was taken without her approval. She is clearly one of the most liked stars and people definitely will buy the content if it, in any case, gets leaked but these sorts of things are totally illegal and without Barton's approval.

Mischa Barton 

Mischa thinks the issue should be outed as she wants to set an example in the eyes of her female admirers and if she stays silent on this matter, her social image will also fade out. Everyone knows what happens to the criminal if found guilty, CA law will lock the criminal behind the bars. We all hope, Police authorities find the video as well as the one who was behind making the revenge porn.

Who might have filmed her?

As these kinds of things happen from an insider, Mischa may have an idea about who is behind all of this. She has said that her former partner may be involved in the whole scandal. The trafficking of her video containing nudity may be directed by her former partner. 

TMZ reported that the O.C. star Barton:

was hanging over her backyard fence in West Hollywood and rambling about her mom being a witch, the world-shattering...and Ziggy Stardust. At one point she fell backward off the fence and said, 'Oh my God, it's over! I feel it, and it's angry!



Her lawyer said the action will be forwarded pretty soon and will do whatever she can to get the truth out.



We have seen some pretty heard some bad stories where celebrities themselves have leaked the video as the stunt of cheap advertisement but this time it is different as she has been victimized.